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Pleo Update: September 2018 Product Announcements

September is here, and so are the new Pleo features and updates. Our biggest one is the new Pleo mobile app (version 1.8.0), that has a new and refreshed look.

September brought some big new Pleo updates and features. 🍂

The biggest one is the new version of the Pleo mobile app. Version 1.8 brings a brand new look, hundreds of fixes and different optimisations to make the app work faster and better. We highlighted the most important features below.

Pleo mobile app big update is here

The mobile app is for many of our users their feature thing about Pleo. Getting an instant notification and quickly adding the right receipt is a much greater experience compared to classic expense reporting.

Over the past few months, we have invested a lot in researching and testing with our Pleo Labs users, to figure out how we could make the mobile app experience even better.

Today, we are excited to present the new version of our Pleo app, Version 1.8.

What’s new in this version?

– A refreshed expense view list and optimised process for uploading receipts and information.

– Better and faster performance (including faster camera load).

– Quick access to expenses with missing receipts.

– Access the PIN number from the Accounts section.

You can download the app on the App Store and Google Play.

What’s coming next?

– Easily share and upload PDFs directly from other apps to expenses in Pleo.

A few other things we’ve built

We have built an integration with the popular Danish accounting software Inventio to sync data from Pleo with a press of a button.

Wanted to archive your tags that are not used anymore? We got you covered.

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