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Get butterflies in your stomach before an interview? Don’t think you’re alone. The person interviewing you – like our team, for example – can feel the same during the hiring process.

We believe that hiring is like matchmaking. We’ve all been hired (except for our co-founders), so we know exactly what it feels like to be on the other side of the table. 

To give you a heads up, here’s an outline of how we hire – so you know what to expect. 

1. Initial callwith People Ops ☕️

We get a lot of applications. We start off by running through profiles on our end, and pick those who we feel would be a good fit for a quick phone or conference call.

Getting here relies on creating a great first impression on both sides. While you get to know us, we’ll have a chance to get to know you. 

We’ll chat about any relevant skills, experience and why you’re interested in working with us. On your side, you will hear more about Pleo and see if we’re actually an exciting company for you.

💡 Our advice:

Think of this as having a coffee with a potential teammate. This is not a one-way audition, it’s equally important that you are a good match for the role as Pleo is a good match for you, your needs and expectations. 

Deep breath, now, be yourself. That’s exactly who we’re looking to meet.

2. Challenge🥊

Nervous? Don’t be. There are no right or wrong answers here. Each team has a different challenge that is designed for each role that we hire (like a mock sales call, or building a new Pleo feature). It shouldn’t take too long for you. We’ll give you a heads up on how long it should take in our initial call.

This stage is a chance for you to show us your problem-solving skills. It’s also our way of showcasing the types of scenarios you’ll find yourself in when you’re in the team. We’ve seen a lot of people shine at this stage. 

Timeline:We completely understand that completing a challenge like this can take time and effort on your end, which is why we don’t set a strict deadline for you to complete and send back the challenge.

💡 Our advice:

Most of our challenges are open-ended with no objectively right or wrong answer. Instead of assuming what we’d like to see, we encourage you to approach the challenge as if no-one was reviewing it. Something that’s 100% you; something that you feel represents you completely. 

Of course, the challenge won’t cover everything, but we like to see how well you understand the challenge, how clearly you think and communicate your ideas, and how you approach certain tasks you’re likely to be met with if offered the job.

3. Team interview

Fast forward 2 months: you have joined Pleo (tah dah!!) and you sit with your new team ready to tackle real-life challenges. That’s what the team interview should feel like. 

At the end of this stage, you should ask yourself „how do I really feel about the opportunity of collaborating with those people on a daily basis?“ We, as a team, will answer this question for ourselves too.

💡 Our advice:

Show us your way of tackling the job with the hard and soft skills needed. We love seeing how you’ll work with us and how you’ll also bring something new to our team. We’re always changing, growing and learning as part of work here – we want to see that you’re also as eager to learn. Don’t be afraid to challenge our current way of working. 

4. Hiring manager interview

Here, you meet your potential manager. We know that this is an important relationship inside a working environment so we want to take some time to explore how you feel about each other. 

This is the space for you to be honest about how you want to be managed, and where you feel that you need support. From our end, we are looking at how well you complement the current team and what new things you bring to the table that would make us excited. Together, we’ll imagine how your career progression would look inside the organisation.

💡 Our advice:

Bring forward your aspirations with this role and lay out how these will be reflected in the role and on our team. Our managers want to meet you and see who you are.It’s not about the hard skills, so show them how willing you are to learn and bring forward issues you’re keen on solving with Pleo and in your role.

5. Values Interview with a senior team member

Only a handful of people get to this stage, you get a bit of face time with our CEO and co-founder, Jeppe or someone at our VP level. Here, we want to see that you embody the right values and contribute positively to our culture.

💡 Our advice:

Relax. You got this far! Think about your values and how they would match ours. Our team members are super easy to talk to. And be yourself. If everybody’s on board at this stage, we just might be in touch with an offer. If that’s the case, you’re just an “I accept!” away from joining the team!


An example of our hiring process mapped out for our product team from screener to values

We hope this helps you guide you on your way from first hearing about us to working with us. The nature of the modern workplace is changing so fast and we believe it’s important that the hiring process keeps up with it. What do you think what are some good or bad examples of hiring practices in your experience? We’d love to hear what you think. 

And, as always, we’re growing fast. Find out what opportunities we have at the moment on our careers page.

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Power to your people

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