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A note from Jeppe

Dear friends,

At Pleo, we frequently share and rally around our wins. And in the past seven years, there has been a lot to celebrate and be proud of.

Today feels very different. It's a difficult day of change. One with hard consequences for people we care for and who are the reason for what Pleo has become. Our colleagues, our friends, our people.

I’ll be honest. Pleo today, at the point of almost 1,000 employees and with our focus across 16 different countries, feels so different than just 12 months ago. We now operate in 14 autonomous domains. Each and together carrying the weight of our massive ambitions. We look back at a chapter of hyper-growth. A chapter where we in little time gained the muscles to launch one new country and onboard more than 100 colleagues - every month! And with that, we’ve planted a flag in many European countries. All whilst staying focused on our customers and caring for our people. I am so proud of what we’ve achieved this year.

Yet the world has changed and our next chapter will look different. We’re no longer operating under a ‘growth first’ mandate but rather a reality of 'growth through focus and efficiency’. Focus on the many markets we now serve and focus on driving efficiency in everything we do. And what got us here, is not what will get us there.

We’ve made our priorities and set our strategy for the coming year. And sadly this is impacting 15% of our roles, up to 150 of our colleagues may have to leave. Each and every one has played an instrumental role in making Pleo what we are today. And I’d like to believe that Pleo is more than just any place of work. Pleo is about people. Through people come customer centricity, through people come great usability and product experiences, through people come warmth and care for each other. A safe space to come together, from wherever, based on inclusiveness and mutual respect and to be passionate about building something truly remarkable. And that makes this decision extra hard and emotional. It’s difficult. Yet needed.

What stays the same is our vision and ambition. I truly believe that we will continue to revolutionise business spending, giving our customers and users back their time and the power to run their businesses and be on top of spending. Always with a simple and joyful experience. Never has this been more relevant. Every company needs Pleo. And we’ll continue to work hard to get Pleo in the hands of all of you.

The people leaving Pleo will add a huge amount of talent, experience and heart to any business, and I’m grateful for all they’ve done in building the Pleo that I, and we, are so proud of.  

Our focus now is being with our people; both supporting the individuals who’ll be leaving us and the wider team.

Finally, if you are hiring, I encourage you to reach out to so that we can connect you to some remarkable talent.

- Jeppe Rindom

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