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Every year you know it’s going to be busy, and yet every year it still manages to be surprisingly… busy.

Respect to those accountants who are “attacking” the year (and telling us all about it on LinkedIn).

But we’ve got plenty of time too for those accountants who are just getting on with it because, well, the work won’t do itself.

However, there is one thing that we hope can unite both of those groups.

And that’s Pleo. Because we’ve been working hard over the past few months to offer our accounting partners even more.

A new focus on accounting

First up, we’re investing in our accounting partnerships.

That means making the team bigger. We want to make sure that even as Pleo grows, you keep getting the level of service and support that you deserve.

It also means a renewed focus on the Pleo product, making it as useful as possible for accountants.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far on that front.

Things like our Xero Awards nomination for Financial Services App of the Year show we’re getting a lot right.

But we’re not going to rest on our laurels.

Building an industry-leading product

Xero Direct Feed

Our Direct Feed integration with Xero has been running for a few months now and yep, we love it.

Once you enable the feature, all statement data is automatically imported from your Pleo account into Xero, twice daily (9am and 2pm UK time).

Naturally, that means greater oversight of business spending, with live data tracking enabling faster decisions and more up-to-date analysis.

Better export process


Late in 2019 came another update that we’d been hungry to implement for a long time.

We wanted to find a way for you to export data from your Pleo account to your accounting software that was less error-prone and just a bit clearer.

Our new export process is the answer. We think it’s a best-in-class solution that helps our accounting partners focus their time on what really matters.

Pleo made your expenses visible in real-time. And now accounting for those expenses doesn’t have to wait until the end of the month either.

We think you’ll really enjoy how it works.

Quickbooks integration


One part of our increased focus on partnerships that we’re delighted to announce is a dedicated Integrations team.

That’s right – we’ve put some of our sharpest technical minds together to develop and maintain Pleo’s integrations with the accounting systems that you work with every day.

One of that team’s first big goals was to make our integration with Quickbooks possible.

If this wasn’t our most-requested integration yet, it was very close indeed.And guess what? The Integrations team did a great job.

Split VAT

Here’s a feature so exciting that we’re still hearing how much our partners appreciate it, months after it was launched.

The ability to split VAT across an expense is a biggy when you’re managing the accounts of one business – never mind handling the accounts for several.

So we’re glad it’s helping people out!

What’s next for Pleo

Those are the features that we’ve already released on the world.

But 2020 has so much more in store.

Soon, you’re going to see the next evolution of Pleo.

Our new cards are coming, with a guarantee of more stability and even wider acceptance.

And you know how annoying it is to track down receipts for online purchases? We’ve got a solution we think you’ll like.

All will be revealed soon but we’ve got a new feature that will take that hassle right off your to-do list.

Interested in Pleo’s recent product development? 👉 Book a meeting to find out more.

We’re hitting the road!

Email updates are great (especially when they’re not sent too often, we hear you) but we’re excited to meet more of our partners in the flesh too.

We’ve got a few key accounting events in our diary already – maybe we’ll see you there?

Quickbooks Connect, Olympia, London: 3-4 March 2020

Digital Accounting Show, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London: 26 March 2020

Accountex, ExCeL, London: 13-14 May 2020

Get in touch with us ahead of the event and we can make sure to grab some time together.

We’ll even keep some merch aside for you if that’s what you’re really after.


2020’s going to be a big year for accounting. The industry’s changing – and changing fast.

But we’re hoping that Pleo can help our accounting partners make those changes work for them.

We’re excited to show you how – stay tuned.


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Content lead

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