Covid-19 support: Pleo will be for free until July for new customers


This is a hectic time for everyone, including businesses of every shape and size.

With this uncertainty set to rumble on, across so many fronts, Pleo wanted to do something to help.

Something that will save companies money. And, we hope, put them in a great position to not just ride out the current crisis – but also make the most of life after it.

So, we’re making Pleo available for free until 1 July, for all new customers that sign up before 1 June. So, sign up for a chat with our team today and get started.

Why we’re doing this

Right now, the focus of your business has likely shifted. Ours has.

Keeping costs under control has jumped right up the priorities list for loads of SMEs. It was always important, but now it’s keeping many business-owners up at night.

That’s why now could be the time to try to make some positive changes – like getting set up with Pleo, to start saving money right away.

Our cards stop spending from being an unpredictable source of stress – but we do a lot more besides.


Controlled expense management

With Pleo, you can set individual spending limits for team members.

Those limits can be adjusted in a flash too, as you see fit.

You can ensure that money is spent in the right way, meaning your company finances are in good shape – ready for whatever the market throws at you.

Reclaim the foreign VAT you’re owed

If you do business in EU countries, you’ll be aware of how much foreign VAT costs your company.

Wouldn’t you like to get that money back?

Sign up to Pleo and you get a chance to do just that – and the best bit is, we do all the hard work for you*. Authorise Pleo to reclaim your foreign VAT spend and we’ll get right on it.

That includes handling any correspondence with authorities in other countries about your claim.

Because you’ve probably got bigger fish to fry right now.

Prepare for the unpredictable with travel insurance

How many cancelled trips have you and your team had to deal with because of the current crisis?

Even if you were fortunate enough to avoid losing money that way, the fallout from coronavirus has brought home the value of solid travel insurance for companies.

Pleo can sort that for you – thanks to a recent partnership we’ve agreed with AXA**.

Travel will return to previous rates at some point. Sign up to Pleo today so that you can be ready for the day when your business spreads its wings again.

Virtual cards

Many teams now find themselves dispersed, with their office shut for the foreseeable future.

That’s why we issue virtual credit cards to get your business up and running with our service immediately.

Wherever you work, Pleo works. Oh, and here’s how Pleo works …

Let’s talk about how Pleo can save you money

If this sounds interesting, we’d love to talk to you about Pleo and this very special offer.

You won’t pay anything until summer, exactly the time when the business world could be returning to life. We hope.

This is a trying time, but for most of us, business hasn’t stopped. It’s just shifted and evolved in new directions, presenting new dilemmas and – occasionally, new opportunities.

So take a breath and, if you like the sound of what you hear, get started with Pleo today.***

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*Pleo Reclaim is a paid-for add-on to the core Pleo service, and thus not included in this limited offer. Please contact your customer success representative for more details.

**Travel insurance is a paid-for add-on to the core Pleo service, and thus not included in this limited offer. Please contact your customer success representative for more details.

***This limited offer is available only for new customers that sign-up to use Pleo before June 1st. It cannot be combined with other offers and discounts.

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Content lead at Pleo

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