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August Digest 2020

Pleo Updates

The Pleo Digest - August 2020

It’s that time of year (even in a year like this) when keeping track of who’s on holiday from work becomes a major challenge.

Is Joe away for the next week… or two weeks? Why is Rachel replying on Slack, isn’t she drinking mojitos on the beach? 

We can’t help with managing all that confusion, but we have got some great updates to help you manage company spending.

Europe’s next billion-dollar company?

Pleo - Future Billion Dollar Company?

Pleo’s been selected as a top contender for that status and named one of the 50 most promising start-ups in Europe. 📣

Leading tech investment firm GP Bullhound recently published their Titans of Tech report, a key barometer for future success stories. Very cool – and a great incentive for us to stay focused.

The secret is out 🗣️ 

Our CEO Jeppe Rindom was a recent guest on the Secret Leaders podcast. Exciting! 🎧 Expect insights about our journey (highs and lows), leadership in tough times and finding what makes you happy. 😃

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Pleo Hero of the Month: Anthony Hanson from Essential Living

Anthony Hanson of Essential Living

If you get excited by new finance systems, we've got good news for you... This month's hero is just the same.

Anthony Hanson from Essential Living talks property management in lockdown and the online article that convinced him to give Pleo a shot.

We are big believers in empowering yourselves and your teams to do what you think is right. So this August, take time for yourself.

… But don’t forget to check back next month when we’ll have more ways to smarten up your expenses management.

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