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The Pleo Digest – July 2020

Pleo Updates

The Pleo Digest – July 2020

This month, we've got news of some big updates for Pleo categories – and some insight into how we're working to make Pleo better.

Attention Admins! Custom categories = happy admins

Admins can now save time they would have spent on bookkeeping, by creating custom category groups and subcategories. You can edit the names of existing categories or create new ones. When they add expenses, your team will be able to choose from subcategories, so pick names that are easy to understand.

And remind your team to update their Pleo mobile app to the latest version to see the changes.

Engineering Efficiency Week

A sneak peek at what our engineers are up to: Less technical challenges = happy engineers

The excitement of building smoking hot new features needs to be balanced with cleaning up the code and TTT: Tedious Technical Tasks.

In June the team gathered for an Engineering Efficiency Week, where the main focus was to address the growing size of one of our mirco-services. Read on

Super Human: Learning how to trust your team

How to build trust in a team

Trust. It’s complicated. It means stepping back, and for many leaders, that’s hard. Especially at a time like this, when the idea of trust has been really tested.

We’ve identified a few ways to help foster trust and lead with empathy.

How Pleo Uses Pleo GIF

How Pleo uses Pleo

Everyone in our team wields their Pleo card in a unique way, testing out new ways to make the most of our spending solution.

And, well, we’ve decided to share what we’ve learned! Sales, marketing, IT, People Ops, remote team leads – we’re lifting the lid on how Pleo uses Pleo.

Maybe your team could steal some of our tricks? We won’t mind...


Pleo Hero of the Month: Ludvig Olsson, Trickle

Ludvig Olsson is a big fan of agile marketing. He’s CEO of content distribution agency Trickle, who help their clients cut through the noise and stay relevant online. We had a talk with Ludvig to hear how Pleo helps them keep track of their finances and create a more social workplace.

June was a month where we balanced Design and Engineering Efficiency weeks with (remote-friendly) Team Camp fun to boost the collective Pleo spirit.

We’re halfway through a year that’s presented huge and unexpected challenges for a lot of businesses. That probably includes you – it definitely includes us.

The next few months will see some really exciting Pleo features and updates coming your way. We’re feeling excited and optimistic for the rest of 2020. Hopefully you are too!

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