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Pleo Digest – March 2020

Pleo Updates

The Pleo Digest – March 2020

Change can be hard. But you know, it can be a lot of fun too.

You’ve probably noticed that Pleo has been looking and feeling a little different over the past few days.

In this update, we’ve got a little more on that – as well as the usual need-to-know about our cool new product features.

A new brand identity for Pleo

The colours, the font, that beautiful new logo.

We’ve got a lot more about what we’ve changed and why we’ve changed it here.

Now, what doesn’t change is how you use Pleo.

Buy something with our virtual or physical cards, snap the receipt, add any extra info and… that’s it.

But this rebrand isn’t just about how we look and sound.

It’s about Pleo celebrating the values that we already know connect with customers like you: trust, transparency, empowering your people.

We think you’re going to like it.

Custom formats for your exports

There are lots of accounting systems out there – fact.

Each one is beautiful in its own way. Or functional at least.

What you (or your accountant) needs are files that integrate as easily as possible with your system of choice and your unique settings too.

Our Custom Format feature is here to make that a reality.

Say goodbye to manually amending your data after export – now you can take care of it all in Pleo.

And it couldn’t be simpler to sort out.

Auto Top-Up

Ever had a declined payment because your team’s wallet was running low?

No fun, we know.

So we’ve been working hard to find a way to cut down on how often that happens.

Admins can now set a low balance limit and when you hit that, we’ll automatically add more money from your bank account to your Pleo account.

We’ve just rolled out auto top-ups to our Swedish customers – and our other markets will soon feel the joy too.

Pleo Hero of the Month

Change is a big theme this month. (Because of our new brand identity and all that.)

It’s something our newest Pleo Hero knows all about.

Sarah Ashworth is in charge of all things finance at DeadHappy, a start-up doing what they can to transform the way people think about death (and life insurance).

Now that’s a tough mission.

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