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November 2020

Pleo Updates

The Pleo Digest - November 2020

Hello Pleo’ers 👋,

We set ourselves a challenge – to become the spending tool that manages all of your expenses. All of them. 

That’s why we are excited to announce the Beta launch of Pocket, which lets you handle all of your personal business expenses, mileage and soon reimbursements in one system.

Mileage (Beta)

Pleo can now help you monitor and manage mileage. You put in the rates, we do the rest!

Reimbursements (coming soon)

Still making transfers or salary adjustments to reimburse people on your team? How about a world where reimbursements are as smooth as a card purchase?

That’s what we’re building right now – we did challenge ourselves after all.

Personal purchases (Beta)

Accidents happen. With Pleo, you can sort them in seconds – just mark an expense as a personal purchase with the tap of a button. This feature requires you to have Pocket enabled.

Meet our product guru, Olov

Our VP of Product, Olov Eriksson was interviewed in episode 78 of Homescreen by 11:FS to talk about some key features. If you want to hear more about the thoughts that go into each of our features be sure to tune in. You might even come away with a sense of some of the projects we’re bringing you in 2021.

Winter is here, days are getting shorter (and colder!)

But fear not, Pleo is here to lift up your spirits. We have some exciting new projects coming up for the end of the year and hope you are as excited as us to enter the end-of-year celebration mood! 


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