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The Pleo Digest – November 2021

The people in your business that have Pleo cards – they’re pretty lucky, right?

They get the joy of smart spending and automated expense reports, plus they experience a whole new level of trust.

But what about the rest of your team?

Let’s get them sorted too, shall we?

Add everyone in your company to Pleo

Pocket is available to everyone

We want your managers and your finance team to have the best possible overview of all company spending.

The more payments that you track through Pleo, the more you’ll be taking real control of spending.

So, we’re delighted to say that you can now invite everyone in your company to Pleo Pocket*, our reimbursement feature.  

Each user costs the same monthly fee, but the business determines what Pleo access each team member has. Your sales manager needs a Pleo card? You’ve got it. Want your field marketer to reimburse all expenses? That’s fine too. You’re in the driving seat, dear admin.

We ensure reimbursements are fast, compliant and can be set up in a way that cuts red tape for everyone.

However, your business spend happens, settle it in Pleo.

*Please note that only companies on Pro or Premium plans can use Pocket without also having a Pleo card.

Starting with Pleo Invoices just got easier

Automating your accounts payable can be a huge transformation in how your business manages money.

But start using Pleo to track and pay invoices and you’ll see that making the change is a lot easier than you might think.

This feature is now automatically set up for all our customers and ready to go when you are.

Take a look at the video above to see a bit more about how Pleo Invoices can save you money and time. Then admins just need to look for the Bills button on the left hand menu when you’re logged in.

Download Getting a Grip on Cashflow eBook

Keen to get on top of cash flow?

You’re not alone. Time and again, customers tell us that Pleo boosts their understanding of where money is being spent and why.

That real-time knowledge of your cash flow position is so crucial.

So we figured we’d ask some CFOs and finance experts for their top tips on managing it – people who have seen the highs and lows of running companies’ finances.

Download Getting a grip on cash flow eBook here.

It’s almost time to go Forward

Forward, a digital event from Pleo

On December 9th, Pleo is staging a major digital summit and we’d love you to join.

More than 30 speakers will be leading conversations on the world of work today – and tomorrow. That includes leaders from top names like Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb.

You’ll walk away from Forward equipped with the strategies and frameworks needed to drive real change in the workplace.

It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this and we’ve been delighted (and a little overwhelmed!) at the interest so far.

To put it another way, join 7000 other forward-thinkers and get your FREE ticket today.

The line-up for the Forward digital summit includes speakers from Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb.

If this month’s updates show anything, it’s how much we’re listening to our customers. 

That’s you. So thanks – and we’ll see you at Forward!

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