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The Pleo Digest - September 2021

Pleo Updates

The Pleo Digest – September 2021

Invoice management is one of the trickiest processes for a business...and here at Pleo, making your job easier is what we’re all about. 

That’s why we launched Pleo Invoices earlier this year, so you and your team have more time to focus on the work that really matters.

Pleo Invoices, six months on 🎉

Bills is our invoice management system – one space to track, pay and account for every invoice your team receives. And it’s already been making serious waves.

There have been 5,000+ bills paid and 4m GBP spent by companies using Bills. Not to mention, 600 duplicate bills detected and double payments prevented.  

It takes Pleo one step closer to becoming the all-in-one spending solution you and your team need – and deserve. 

We’re continuously bulking up the feature – the latest update? External bookkeepers can now manage Bills just the same as an admin, and soon will be able to pay invoices on behalf of clients. 

And to all the Pleo Admins out there, you can easily get started with Bills today, just log into Pleo on your desktop.

Pleo Hero: Sam Watkin, Juro

Sam Watkin blog header

At the heart of every business, there are people. But there are also a few less interesting things that keep businesses ticking over. Like contracts. 

One company streamlining contract workflows is Juro. 

We caught up with Business Operations Lead, Sam Watkin to learn about how Pleo has made his job easier. Spoiler: he’s a big fan of two of our latest features 🙌 

Read the full story. 

Looking for some ways to add value to your workday? We might be able to help with that. 

That’s a wrap on September! 

Keep your eyes peeled for some nifty Pocket updates, this time for bookkeepers. 

See you in October 👻 

P.S. Did you know that out of all 12 months of the year, September has the most letters? 

It also happens to be the ninth month of the year – no other month has the same number of letters as its number in the calendar year.

Neat stuff. 

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