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How 6point6 is leading by example with Pleo

6point6 is a consultancy firm located in London that specializes in helping clients adapt to and embrace the rapid technological changes happening in our world. They send out small teams to their clients who work with them on a personal level to see how they can improve their current practices through the adoption of modern technology.

After seeing how quickly changes in technology can make or break a company’s success, the founders decided to help companies better embrace the rapid rate of change in today’s business economy. In 2012, 6point6 was founded on this mission. The company has a strong focus on collaboration, based on the belief that preparing for the future is a team effort.

6point6 believes that these days, every company is a software company, whether they realize it or not. Therefore, embracing digital technology is the best way to remain agile and competitive in today’s ever-changing ecosystem.

In order to provide their clients with the best services possible, it’s important for 6point6 to implement cutting-edge tech in every aspect of their business, and that’s exactly why they turned to Pleo when it came time to modernize their accounting practices.

Before using Pleo, 6point6 was still managing their expenses on paper, which was a long and manual process – the opposite of what the consultancy believes in.

Thanks to Pleo’s platform, they’ve managed to make their bookkeeping entirely digital. And by using our automated features, they now have more free time to research the latest and greatest tech on the market.

“I would recommend Pleo, because it’s both easy and intuitive. It saves a lot of time for the team and the finance function.”

– James Armstrong, CFO at 6point6

They found the entire transition to Pleo to be easy and intuitive. And as James Armstrong, their CFO, pointed out, it saves a huge amount for time not just for the employees but also for the finance function.

You can read the full customer story here.

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