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Airsorted, based in the heart of London, is a management service for hosts on Airbnb and other booking platforms that make hosting easier and more profitable. Through their service, hosts can create more effective listings and provide their guests with better stays.

Although the company is still fairly new – they were founded in 2015 – they’ve already grown to more than 200 employees.

Having been published on news outlets like The Guardian and The Telegraph, Airsorted’s exponential growth is certainly newsworthy. In fact, they’re already one of the largest hosting management services in the world. Their goal is to help Airbnb hosts maximize the potential of their lettings by lending their experience to the Airbnb process.

Even though Airsorted had refined their hosting service to a point of near perfection, they found themselves struggling to keep up with the bookkeeping needs of a rapidly growing startup.

With a large team of employees and offices around the world, Airsorted needed a centralized accounting service to keep everything in order. The two major problems they were facing involved employees having to make company purchases out of pocket, and a disjointed payment tracking system between Airsorted and their customers.

Pleo was able to solve both of these needs through our all-in-one accounting suite. By providing their employees with Pleo company cards, there was no longer a need for out of pocket purchases or reimbursements.

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The fact that all of Pleo’s cards work seamlessly with their accounting platform allowed Airsorted to easily keep up with their expenses and transactions between their customers.

“I believe trust should be given until it’s broken. But with Pleo we had no instances where the cards have been misused.”

– Anna Roe, Global Head of People at Airsorted

If Airsorted was looking for a solution to handle all company expenses they would choose Pleo again “in a heartbeat.”

You can read the full customer story here.

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