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How do you sum up the work of a company like Nodes?

“Nodes is an app factory,” says Financial Controller Simon Bach Bjerring, adding with a smile: “That’s the easiest, most convenient way to explain it to the man on the street.”

That could be apps or communication platforms, social network creation or strategy. If it’s digital, Nodes have done it – and done it well.

“We think [of ourselves] as the guys who break the mould,” says Simon.

Hey, works for us. It clearly works for the high-calibre clients (Carlsberg, Hiscox, DanskeBank, Scotrail) who trust Nodes to deliver the digital solutions they need.

And Nodes trust Pleo to make it easy for them to buy what they need.

They’ve grown fast from their Copenhagen roots and now boast offices in London, Dubai, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague (and more).

“When I go travelling, it doesn’t matter if I’m in London or in Berlin or in Prague,” says Jacob Fredsgaard, an IT Support Specialist.

“I can just use my Pleo to pay for whatever expense I have.”

“Having a payment card that just works everywhere, it makes everything a lot easier.”

Giving their team the autonomy that a Pleo card involves is one thing.

Nodes team

But automating the tiresome expenses process is another appeal for Nodes.

International growth is exciting – but it comes with plenty of challenges. Why add to them with unnecessary admin and mountains of receipts?

“If we start up a new office, we usually start with two or three people on the ground,” says Simon.

“They need to make purchases. They need to get everything up and running. If they need to fill out reimbursement forms every month, that’s no good.”

Hey, works for us.

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