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Get more bang for your buck with Pleo Perks

No matter what’s going on in the wider world, getting value for money always feels good.

Signing up to Pleo is a great start on that front. You see every purchase your team makes, ensuring that company money is going in the right direction.

But we want to deliver even more value for you.

Now, with Pleo Perks, we’re delighted to do just that.

What you get from Pleo Perks

We’ve partnered up with some of the companies and services that we know our customers love.

How do we know? Because we’ve looked at the data for businesses that use Pleo and figured out what deals would make the biggest impact for them.

The services they rely on. The subscriptions that keep their team happy. The tools they’re using to keep the lights on…

And we reached out to those merchants, working together to unlock discounts and offers to help Pleo customers out.

Take advantage of Pleo Perks

Here are just a few of the merchants we’re teaming up with – and what you can get:

Amazon Web Services
$5000 in activate credits

30% off your first year for new customers

Three months for free

City Pantry
15% off food orders

Three months for free

Any plan, free for two months

30% off any plan

12 months of free email credits

$50,000 in free credits
20% off annual subscription

$100 free credits

... and there's more

This isn’t a final list, of course.

We’re going to keep working to make even more perks and benefits available to our customers.

And it gets better: all of these offers are available to new and existing Pleo customers. So if you see something that could boost your business, you can start saving money today.

How it works

You’ll find full details of the deals we’re offering on our Perks page.

Already a Pleo customer?

Log in on the web app, head over to the question mark widget in the bottom-right corner and click “Perks” to see the list of offers. Just click on “claim offer” on the perks you’re interested in to find out how to redeem the offer.

You’ll also be able to see the full details, as well as the terms and conditions of each offer.

Not a Pleo customer?

If you’re not an existing customer, we'd still love you to take a look at the Pleo Perks page.

If you see something you like, just click Claim Offer. You’ll be taken to a form so that you can sign up for Pleo and find out more about the offer at the same time. It’s a double whammy.

Want to become a Pleo Perks partner?

If you think we could team up to offer our customers something special, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a line and let’s get to work.

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