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Pleo Update: April 2019 Product Announcements

April has been a busy month for Pleo, loaded with big releases, new initiatives and product tweaks. Here’s what transpired in the past 30 days.

Introducing Reviewers

We’re happy to announce that managers will now be called reviewers, and will be granted added flexibility and oversight to make Pleo work even better for their company.

Some of the added functionalities for reviewers are, for instance, the ability to review more than one team and the ability to review a team they are not themselves a part of.

This way, any administrator can setup a more natural team and reviewing structure to suit their specific organisational needs.

We hope this new update will make Pleo more intuitive, flexible and powerful for everyone.

Reviewing just got a whole lot easier

If you haven’t already guessed from the paragraph above, our decision to name the new role “reviewer” stems from its main purpose: to review one or multiple teams’ expenses.

In line with this new update, we’ve launched one of our most-anticipated features to date: Assurance.

With Assurance, reviewers can set review thresholds on one or multiple teams and get alerted when a team member makes a purchase above that threshold.

In their mobile or web app, they can then quickly and easily see all the review-pending expenses and swiftly review them.

They have the option to mark an expense as “Okay”, “Not okay” or to ask for additional details.

If you’re curious about how Assurance could work in your team, you can sign up to our upcoming webinar.

Other Product Updates

We’ve also made a slew of smaller product tweaks to enhance the product experience for our users.

For our mobile app, we’ve given users the possibility to manually reset their PIN tries in case of three consecutive erroneous PIN entries.

In the web app, we’ve enhanced the filtering views on teams and roles. This allows reviewers to filter on the various teams they are a reviewer of, and administrators to filter on teams, people in no teams, other administrators (if there are more than one), reviewers, bookkeepers and pending invitations (if any).

As a final note, we’ve released the latest version of our app (2.7.0). We encourage everyone to head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download it to get the most out of Pleo!

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