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Pleo Update: August 2018 Product Announcements

Here at Pleo, we’ve build a bunch of new features during this summer and August was no different. It brought our users an ability to pay invoices and a variety of other new improvements.

August is over and summer is officially coming to an end. And what a summer it has been here at Pleo. We’ve shipped a bunch of new features, improved and tweaked the existing ones, got nominated for a few awards and started working on some new big things.

But let’s not jump too ahead and go through what August brought us.

Pay your invoices with Roger and Pleo

Our clients use their Pleo cards today to pay for company software, infrastructure, travel, supplies and even office rental. Nonetheless, there are still a few types of expenses that can be paid through invoice payments or paper bills.

Thankfully, there is an app to do it much easier than going through your clunky banking interface. It’s called Roger and it enables users (for now only in Denmark) to pay invoices a lot easier, by just taking a photo of the invoice or forwarding it to their e-mail.

Roger deducts the payment from any card you insert and yes, it also works perfectly with Pleo cards too. We’ve built a direct integration to make Pleo cards work better than any other cards for paying invoices and covered in detail in this blog post (including a setup guide).

Say hello to Tax/VAT codes

We have introduced Tax codes, a brand new functionality that allows our users to define tax codes and assign them to expenses directly in Pleo.

You will be able apply your current Tax/VAT codes and amounts to your accounting settings in Pleo, apply it to a category, which will subsequently be linked to an expense.

This means no more Pleo data modifications in Excel and hours saved on bookkeeping.

We’ve written a guide how to set this up here. This functionality is currently available only for Billy, Dinero, Sage 50, Sage 200 and for the “generic CSV” export format. Other accounting systems will be supported in the future, let us know which.

A few other things we’ve built

Administrators are now able to setup a field called Employee Codes, a unique ID number, for your employees that follows this person across applications.

They are also able to download a balance statement at any given date they choose.

Remember Tags? You can now import them in a batch by uploading a spreadsheet.

We’ve also made improvements to the Sage and Navision export formats.

In Other News: Vote For Pleo!

We’re very excited that Pleo is nominated for Nordic Startup Awards in 3 categories: Startup of The Year, Fintech of The Year and, our CEO Jeppe Rindom, for Founder of The Year.

Currently, the public voting is taking place and you can vote for Pleo by following the links below:

🏆 Startup of the Year – vote here:

🏆 Fintech of the Year – vote here:

🏆 Founder of the Year – vote here:

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