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How Sovereign Solutions uses Pleo to optimise their clients’ admin

Copenhagen-born accountancy firm Sovereign Solutions has one objective: save businesses time on administration so they can focus on their passions. Owner and CEO Christopher Dahl knew that for some smaller companies, it didn’t make sense to have a full-time CFO when they’d rather focus on growth. Smaller companies don’t always have the tools to handle accounting and data collection, so Christopher’s practice acts as an external CFO to handle it all for them. 

By optimising their administration through custom solution packages, Sovereign Solutions helps improve business efficiency for small to medium Danish businesses so they can focus on the work at hand. Pleo is a key tool in these packages used by most of their clients. 

We sat down with Christopher to hear about how they use Pleo to make their clients' lives easier and improve their administration.

How does Pleo fit into your custom offering for your clients?

Currently, we have eight different clients using Pleo. Our clients are mainly small businesses and are all unique in what they need: some need one company card just for subscriptions, whereas others have high volumes of personal and on-the-road expenses that Pleo is perfect for. 

Every company is different, so we always work with the client to figure out the best solution to fit their needs.

What challenges were your clients facing that prompted you to recommend Pleo?

For a lot of clients, they had loads of employees making personal and travel expenses. I wanted to make this as easy as possible for them and myself, as I would spend a lot of time chasing people for invoices and receipts. 

Many companies also only used one company card which made it impossible to know who spent the money, meaning I had to try and track down the individual spender. The time spent aspect was the biggest challenge.  

Nowadays, I don’t have to spend hours sending emails and reminders to upload receipts as Pleo lets me know exactly who’s spent what. I can even ping them directly through the app. Simple as that!

“It’s not just about time spent but being timely.”

What features do you see your clients using Pleo for the most?

Across the board, we’re seeing travel and personal expenses taking centre stage, but we’ve noticed more and more that subscriptions are a close second. A lot of clients are also rolling Pleo out across the whole company to make the reimbursement process smoother. 

Fetch has become quite popular too! The automatic receipt capture is a big bonus since, again,  it gets rid of chasing people  – also one of my favourite features!

“Our clients’ employees don’t have to make personal expenses as they can use their Pleo cards, so no having to wait for the next payment cycle to get reimbursed.”

I think the main benefit for them is how it integrates with their accounting systems. It’s so important not having to maintain two separate systems and Pleo can easily export to their accounting software, which is so handy when you already have so many different applications on the go.

Is there anything you weren’t expecting about being a Pleo Partner?

The vendor cards were a nice surprise! I wasn’t expecting the new subscriptions feature either so it’s always exciting to see new updates coming around. 

“Having a platform where I can maintain all my clients using Pleo is the biggest benefit of our Partnership.”

Internally, we’ve grown quite fond of Pleo as there are some elements that really compliment my work, such as the reporting feature. 

Why would you recommend Pleo?

As a Partner, having a portal where you can see all your clients is super useful. Being able to add or remove employees and manage all of my client portfolios directly through the app has saved me so much time. Also, using Pleo for free is a big plus! We’re Gold Partners so we get to offer discounts to our clients on their Pleo membership, which is always a big perk. 

As a Pleo user and customer, I would say that ease of use is a massive motivator. The user experience is much smoother than other systems I’ve seen, and it’s so easy to get set up. 

And I don’t expect everyone to be a financial expert, so I especially like that I can tailor the categories the client can select from to make it more understandable for them while having more complex things reflected in the backend, which are important for me as the accountant.

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