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War in Ukraine: What we're doing for employees, candidates and customers

All of us here at Pleo are deeply shocked and saddened by the War in Ukraine. 

We look at this growing escalation from two sides: with our heart for our people, employees and customers; and, with our head, for our financial responsibility.

What we are doing for our employees

Pleo is a remote-friendly employer. We always have been. With this, we have dear friends and colleagues based across affected areas today. We support our people wherever they are. 

We’re ensuring they are able to be paid.

For all of our colleagues and candidates in Ukraine and Russia, we have offered relocation services to Denmark, Spain or Portugal, for them and their immediate family, plus visa sponsorship, counselling and unlimited wellbeing days off – whatever we can to keep them safe. We will also be offering repatriation services in the distant future, if required.

Fast-tracked hiring processes for Ukrainian candidates

We appreciate how people within the region have had their livelihoods uprooted over night. We have initiated a fast-tracked application process for any Ukrainians seeking employment and interested in any of our open positions. Full details on the process can be found here.

Terms for employment for new joiners to Pleo will be the same as with our pre-existing, impacted employees outlined above, including any necessary relocation services. 

Please help us spread the word.

What we are doing for our customers

We have customers and partners that, like us, have remote workers based in Ukraine and the wider impacted region. We send our empathy and thoughts to you all.

As a regulated financial institution, Pleo has a legal obligation to follow international Sanctions. We have taken all necessary actions to ensure we follow global guidance. We want to assure all customers that we have a small but mighty team working around the clock to monitor the situation and react as necessary. 

If there’s anything our team can do to support you in these trying times, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success and Support teams on

/Team Pleo

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