Leaving expenses stress behind to try Pleo

What to expect as you roll out Pleo: A six-step programme

Signing up to Pleo transforms the way your business spends money, a change for the better that gives power to your people. It’s exciting!

But we know that a change like that can, naturally, feel like a really big step.

So we wanted to lay out clearly what you can look forward to in the early stages of using Pleo. What happens, when it happens and why it happens.

To really put some meat on the bones here, let’s invent a company and take them through the sign-up and onboarding process.

Don’t forget that this is just an example case – if your business is smaller, you’ll probably reach full Pleo roll-out a lot quicker.

Here we go!

The company

Acme Medical Supplies have a great business: 100 employees in three different offices.

On the road, their delivery drivers and sales reps are racking up expenses on everything from parking to train travel to midnight snacks.

Back at their offices, expenses like software subscriptions and marketing campaigns are where the money goes.

Nobody is happy with the time it takes to get their expenses sorted. So the CFO decides to investigate options.

Enter Pleo.

1. The demo: See what Pleo can do for you

What happens: In 20-30 mins, one of our team will figure out the best way for Pleo to fit into the way your company works.

Getting to know you is perhaps the most important early step. It’s important to us that Pleo enhances what you do in a seamless way.

At this stage we’ll want to know how you currently buy things for work and how those expenses are processed.

For Acme, it’s a bit of a mess. At the end of the month, their employees flood the accounts team with expense reports and piles of receipts. Often, there are errors and missing documents.

We’ll ask what the priorities for your business are and work hard to answer those questions – including top tips we’ve gleaned from other Pleo customers.

After the demo, you should have a much better idea of how our cards can help your business to manage spending.

For Acme, the Pro price plan is best for them. They’re hungry for the insights that will help Acme cut unnecessary costs in the long run. All that for £10 per active user per month.

Signing up to Pleo is going to feel like a no brainer by now. Time to start thinking about who in the company needs a card.

2. Verification: Checking the fine print

What happens: We ask for some important documents and our Compliance team check that everything is in order.

Pleo is a financial services company and we take our responsibilities on that front very seriously.

That means that we have compliance rules we need to stick to.

It’s important that we get proof of identity and proof of address for all executive directors and anyone who owns more than 25% of the business.

For Acme, there are two executive directors: Michael and Mary Smith. Once they send us a colour copy of their passports and a utility bill, we move onto the final stage of verification.

Once the documents are all sorted, it’s time for an exciting stage: adding some money to your Pleo wallet.

A transfer of at least £500 needs to be made to Pleo from the company bank account – there are a few more formalities around this, but the Account Executive who handled your demo can talk you through it.

Or, at any time, just contact our Support team and you can get some help from our dedicated (and lovely) team.

Now is also a great time to let your team know why you’re making the change – and how you think expenses in the company can work in a better way.

For Acme, once they made their first Pleo transfer, they realised it was a great opportunity to draw up a new expense policy. Good thinking!

A tube of Pleo toothpaste

3. Onboarding: Setting you up for success

What happens: Working closely with our Customer Success team, you’ll set up everything you (and your team) need to start using Pleo the right way.

A lot’s going to happen in the next few days but we’ll do our very best to keep it manageable on your end.

(And remember, our Support team are always here to help.)

When you book a Kick-Off Call with our Onboarding team, we’ll dive a little deeper into the type of spending your business does. We’ll make sure we set up Pleo to reflect that.

Get those cards ordered

This is the point where we’ll issue cards to everyone that’s going to use Pleo.

Virtual cards will be available right away, but physical cards will take a few days to arrive.


For Acme, they’ve decided it’s key for their business travellers to have a Pleo card, as well as some office staff. So that’s 75 people from their team of 100. Great start!

Educating your team on how it works

We’ll also talk your Admins through what they need to know about Pleo, with a special focus on how to integrate our system with your accounting software.

(An Admin is anybody in your company who’s going to be involved in managing user permissions and exporting expenses to your accounts.)

For Acme, their accounts team use Xero. On a call with their Customer Success manager, they’ll learn everything they need to know to integrate the two systems.

During this stage, we’ll become your new best friends.

Your Pleo Onboarding rep will be available to help with any questions or issues and you can expect to hear about any cool features we have that can make your life even easier.

4. Handing out cards: Your first “a-ha moment” with Pleo

What happens: Your team starts using Pleo. Fun!

By now, your users will have their virtual cards set up – and their physical cards will follow in the mail soon after.

Use this time to transfer any online subscriptions over to the virtual cards.

When the physical cards do arrive, distribute them to the team and encourage them to pair up the cards with the Pleo app they’ve downloaded on their phone.

It takes just a few minutes and after that, they’ll be able to pop out to a nearby shop or café and make their first physical purchase.

We always encourage users to do that right away, so they can get used to how simple Pleo is. Added support is available too if that’s something your company needs – maybe a team training session to get people up to speed.

For Acme, their office team moved software subscriptions to Pleo immediately. But after pairing his physical card, CEO Michael pops out to buy chocolates for the CFO – as a thank you for suggesting Pleo. What a lovely guy!

5. Reviewing: Giving you more

What happens: After a few weeks of using Pleo, we’ll check in with you after your first accounting export.

Now that you’ve got the basics, we want to tackle any questions… and help you get the most value as soon as possible with Pleo.

We do this after your first accounting export, to ensure that’s all gone to plan.

Pleo will be changing how your team is spending and you may even start to notice the culture shifting towards one of greater trust and transparency. Terrific.

But… it’s possible there are some questions too. Things that you (or we) didn’t think of, employees who are slower to adapt to Pleo, little quirks unique to how your business works.

There may even be (gasp!) bad expenses: where a team member has used their Pleo card to buy something that you don’t think should go on Pleo.

That’s what your Onboarding person is here to help with.

They’ve helped companies of every size and industry to master spending, so will have some suggestions and solutions for you to try.

For Acme, now is when they realise that they want more information on what certain projects are costing. In their review call with their customer success manager, they get a step-by-step on how to set that up with Tags.

Shredding paperwork with Pleo

6. Freedom: Show us what you can do

That’s it.

No, really. You say goodbye to your Onboarding contact and hello to Nurturing – although we’re still there whenever you need us!

We’ll check in with you every quarter or so, to keep you up-to-speed on the new features that we hope make spending even smoother.

For Acme, they decide to roll out Pleo to everyone to the final 25% of their team after a few months. Some of those workers will never use their card, but just having it makes them feel valued and equal. Way to go Acme.

Oh, and did we mention our amazing Support squad can always happy to help you? We did. Right.

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