Work It! The Pleo People Update – October 2019

Headcount status: October – 161

Familiar faces: 87%

Vibe: Speedy!

It’s time for something new: Welcome to Work It!

From now on, the People team will push out a blog post every month to let you know what’s been going on with Pleo.

We believe in transparency and – considering the amazing growth we are having this year – we thought that some customers, leads and potential hires might want to read along with the journey.

Where people stand

We welcomed a record of 20(!) new people to Pleo last month.

Our new hires are enrolled in our onboarding programme, called Bricks, which is basically four days of team intros, workshops and fun hosted at our Copenhagen HQ. There’s a lot of admin for these kinds of shindigs and Evangelos our ever committed and smiling office manager, had his work cut out for him!

Luckily, he nailed it: our September Bricks completed a survey after the whole process, collectively marking the event with a 95% approval rating. We’ll take it – and try to nail that 5% next time.

We’re at a place where we’ve grown so fast that we need to spend more time getting to know one another than we ever have before. More on that later.


… Pleo Dinners to the rescue!

We work hard here at Pleo, so we invest heavily in opportunities where we can unwind together, perhaps getting to know people from around the company that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to chat to.

And that’s why we have the #pleodinners is an internal Slack channel. Well, it’s more than that really. So much more.

Essentially, there’s a rotation where someone hosts a couple of peers at their house and can mark the food and drinks down as a company expense (on, you guessed it, Pleo cards).

And this last month’s Come Dine with Me sessions were our biggest yet. We had 5 hosts collectively inviting 30 Pleo’ers over for dinner and good off-work conversation.

A big month for #whoruntheworld

We had Pleo ladies everywhere representing us at events this month.

The coolest one, no doubt, was Marie (Country Manager, Germany) talking at Bits & Pretzels in Germany. Another speaker at the event was Barack Obama, but we were definitely fangirling over Marie more. Click the Germanic collage below for more info on the event, plus our market news.

Elsewhere, it looks like I decided to sit on any panel that would take me here in Copenhagen, and hopped from Techfestival (Topic: How the Next Generation Work) to a panel at TechBBQ on What Scale-ups Are Not Looking For.

The latter was amazing. I was joined by Zoey, a new Pleo’er who is a self-taught software engineer. Typically, with limited experience and no engineering training a candidate like Zoey could be overlooked.

We were also chatting about Female Leadership at Airtame’s salon session. Things like never pouring the coffee if you’re a woman at an important meeting, to avoid unconscious gender bias.

Last up, we were invited to The Women In Entrepreneurship Roadshow 2019, where we got to meet inspirational female leaders, and share some of the lessons we’ve learnt along the way.

Full speed ahead with Sales

As part of our accelerated growth, we have re-considered how we hire and train our Salesforce. This has led to the launch of our Future Leaders programme.

The premise is simple: we want to bring in young talent with a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm for the work we are doing at Pleo, and help shape them into the world of work game-changers of tomorrow.

Right now, we are looking for junior Salespeople to join us as Account Executive across our markets. Here are our next set of batch hiring dates:

22nd October – Copenhagen
24-25th October – Stockholm
7th November – Germany
14-15th November – Madrid

If you’re interested, be sure to apply at

We’re also kicking off the first (of hopefully many) Women in Sales events. These networking gatherings in our Copenhagen HQ allow those #whoruntheworld to meet and discuss the changing landscape in Sales-oriented businesses. To attend, sign up for free here.

New offices

Last month, we successfully launched our new Swedish office. Set in Stockholm, this lovely new spot will ground our growth in the market, with new customers and employees coming thick and fast through until the end of the year.

Elsewhere, we are readying our office launch in Berlin. Germany is no new market for us, but again this brick and mortar representation will help prove how serious we are at seizing the market. More on that here.

Things we need to work on

When I started a year ago, there were 50 people at Pleo. Now we are 160 – and counting!

So many new people joining Pleo brings the opportunity and challenge of making sure we get to know them all. Furthermore, that everyone knows what value they bring to the business at large.

We’ve got to keep humble about the challenge of bringing new people to join this adventure – and make sure everyone understands what makes this place unique. That means doubling down on our values, investing in our team culture, and making sure everyone one is aligned on business goals.


Lastly, we’ve seen our July Bricks “graduate”. This happens when a team member goes passed the three-month mark and thus should be fully on-boarded with the team. When that happens, they add their Lego brick to the ever-growing sculpture you see below.

Why Lego, you may ask? And why is the on-boarding programme called Bricks? Well, not only do we love the world’s favourite kids toy, but the company is also one of the initial investors in Pleo. In short, they help us build things. Yes. Pun intended.

See you next month!