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The Pleo Digest – December 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (if you like Christmas songs).

In true festive fashion, we’re spoiling our customers with some pretty game-changing features.

Read on to see what we’ve been up to in November and where our product is headed for the month of December, as well as 2020.

Product updates

A new export process

The way we handle exports in Pleo is changing.

We’ve just introduced a new export process that caters to a much more real-time and continuous way of bookkeeping.

Gone are the days of being limited to exports on a date-range basis.

As the illustration above shows, admins and bookkeepers are now shown three lanes in which their company’s expenses will be sorted:

👉 The Unexported lane

👉 The Export queue lane

👉 The Exported lane

This means it’s easier to identify and export all of the expenses that are ”fine” – where all the right information is in place – while highlighting those expenses that still need more information.

Admins and bookkeepers can choose to export the expenses one by one, or export them in larger batches based on a filter.

This way, it’s simple and intuitive to know what has been exported and what hasn’t.

For more information on the practicalities and ”how-to” of this feature, head over here.


Folks, we’ve heard you loud and clear.

Pleo was built to help save you time and eliminate menial, repetitive and boring tasks.

Now, with our newly formed Integrations team, we’re doubling down on this promise.

The team’s first target? Quickbooks, one of the UK’s most used accounting tools.


We’re happy to announce that our integration is now live and can already be used by our customers who manage their accounts with Quickbooks.

This is a major upgrade for all Quickbooks users. It allows them to directly send all the expenses’ information, and the receipts, directly to Quickbooks when hitting ”export”.


This is a big feature that we are, frankly, a little over-excited to share with you.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re inching closer and closer to launch.

Without ruining the surprise (and suspense!), we can say that Fetch is sure to please our G Suite users.

Stay on the lookout for a big announcement in the coming weeks.

Company updates

Many of our users have been strong advocates for Pleo for a long time, and it means the world to us.

Now, this recognition seems to be spreading even further and we couldn’t be prouder!

Already crowned Danish Startup of the Year at this year’s Nordic Startup Awards, we’re not stopping there.

Vote for us!


The Nordic Startup Awards are part of the Global Startup Awards, which aim to ”find, recognise and connect the future shapers of the digital age from all around the world”.

With the Danish title in hand, we’re now in the race for Nordic Startup of the Year – competing against companies from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

If Pleo has made a difference in your work, why not take 10 seconds to cast a vote for us? We’ll owe you one!

You can vote right here.

Xero Awards finalist

On top of being recognised for our impact on the Danish and Nordic startup ecosystems, it seems we’ve also caught the eye of our accounting integration users.

To our pleasant surprise, while attending Xerocon, we found out that we’re one of three finalists for the Financial Services App Of The Year at the Xero Awards.

We’re proud of this nomination, as these awards celebrate ”app partners that are using Xero tools to innovate and offer exceptional client service”.

Find out in March if we won.

Pleo Hero of the Month

Fergus Adamson

Sharky & George is a one of a kind company.

These immersive events experts specialise in unique parties and experiences, from Harry Potter potion-mixing parties to James Bond nights. You’ve got to see what they do to believe it.

This month, their Head of Events Fergus Adamson is featured as our Hero of the Month.

Read on for a deep-dive into a company that does things (and expenses!) differently.


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