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September 2020

Pleo Updates

The Pleo Digest - September 2020

You got us, this month’s update is a little later than normal. But with good reason.

We have some big announcements for you, starting with Fetch. Gmail users have been able to use our digital receipt finder since earlier this year – and now we’ve rolled it out to practically every email client around.

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not true.

Fetch GIF

Fetch now works with Outlook and Microsoft 365! It automatically finds the receipt in your inbox when you pay for something online. That receipt is then paired up with the matching Pleo expense. ✅ No need to snap a photo or attach a screenshot.

Enable the feature on the Pleo mobile app ➡️ Go to Account > Power-ups. If Admin approval is needed we'll let them know.🚦Admins can also approve Fetch for their whole company.

The incredible bulk (edit)

Here’s one that’s going to make your friends in Finance very happy. We’ve made it even easier for bookkeepers to export expenses using Pleo.

On the Export page you can now bulk edit unexported expenses. Select and edit accounts /tags from multiple expenses with just one click.

Settings: new and improved


We removed some confusion around finding and editing settings.

We think it’s a lot more straightforward, but if you’ve any trouble finding something, check here for more information.

Attention Pleo UK customers 🇬🇧

New and improved Pleo cards are here, unlocking exclusive features.

You’ll hear from us when it’s your company’s time to order new cards.

But if you’ve already ordered, received, and handed out your new cards, now is the time to activate them. 😎 It's a free upgrade – all you have to do is select the number of cards your team needs.

A note for our Irish customers 🇮🇪

We’re happy to help if you have any questions about the government’s stimulus package. The six-month reduction in the standard VAT rate, from 23% to 21%, has just kicked in.

Perks Spotlight: Superscript

Pleo Perks Spotlight: Superscript

This month, we’re launching a new blog series. We want to shine the spotlight on some of our Perks partners, offering deals and discounts for you.

For the first edition, you can read about Superscript, a London-based startup that is shaking up the world of business insurance. Want to see all the offers available exclusively to Pleo customers? Head over to the Perks page.

Pleo Hero of the Month: Sreya Chatterjee, TerminusDB

Sreya Chatterjee of TerminusDB

Well, this is exciting! This month’s Pleo Hero is the first time we’ve shone the spotlight on an Irish business.

Technology company TerminusDB spun out of a project at the world-famous Trinity College.

If you need advice on managing software subscriptions or empowering your remote team, Lead Administrator Sreya Chatterjee has got some top tips.

Coming soon...

The last few weeks of summer offered some of us a chance to dive into ambitious projects.  You'll hear more about those very soon.

All we can say for now is that we’re working on making contactless payment as easy as apple pie. 🍏

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