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Stay on top of all your digital marketing spend with Pleo

Whether it’s generating new leads on LinkedIn or finally taking the plunge and trying out the latest TikTok dance to grab your audience’s attention to creating an email campaign about an upcoming flash sale, digital marketing is key for businesses everywhere. 

Not only is there the advertising itself, but organisations also need to invest in the right marketing tools for the management of these activities, as well as reporting. Think Hubspot, Buffer, Mailchimp – these platforms are crucial for digital marketers to get the data-driven insights they need to continuously optimise their campaigns.  

Oh, and then there’s the matter of expenses. 

Looking for a better way to manage your digital marketing spend? Let’s take a look at the different ways Pleo can help.

Visibility of all digital marketing spend, with quick reconciliation

When it comes to digital marketing teams, finance or the CMO (whoever is in charge of the budget, really) can decide who within the team receives a Pleo card and what the individual spending limits for each card will be. These spend controls are flexible and can be adjusted at any time, perfect for project-based budgets. 

Bringing in an agency or freelancer to support a bigger campaign, but don’t want to issue an additional card? That’s why we have reimbursements

Whenever someone spends for digital marketing purposes, all expenses are automatically collected into the Pleo platform. Who bought it, what the purchase was, and how much it cost. 

Plus, no more lost receipts, with the user being prompted to upload a snapshot of the receipt immediately after making the purchase.

And the same goes for invoices.

With Pleo Invoices, finance teams can easily manage, track and pay suppliers if the digital marketing activities extend to in-person events or agencies for support.
Adding even more clarity to your digital marketing spend, all purchases can have categories, subcategories and tags attached to them so finance teams can quickly analyse costs based on tags and categories in one place. 

And the cherry on top – because all these different types of spend all collected in the same platform, the time spent on manual work and month-end reconciliation for digital marketing expenses is significantly reduced.

Keep marketing campaigns running smoothly with Vendor cards 

One of the biggest expenses when it comes to digital marketing are recurring payments, or subscription fees. And many finance teams struggle with having a clear breakdown between business and individual digital marketing expenses. 

But this isn’t the case with Pleo’s Vendor cards

Our Vendor cards offer a simple way to manage your recurring payments and digital spending, clearly separating them from employee expenses. It’s a dedicated payment method to handle payments like subscriptions, cloud computing and other digital services.

Since the launch of Vendor cards in 2023, Pleo has helped thousands of companies process over €30 million worth of transactions with vendors like Google, Meta, LinkedIn and Adobe.

Take for instance, your fixed monthly or yearly subscription to Livestorm that many teams use to host webinars. The finance team can simply assign a virtual Vendor card exclusively for this payment. 

And because it’s exclusive, funds can be allocated per vendor or group of vendors, allowing for better control and protection over payments. Meaning no one can purchase an afternoon coffee with their Livestorm Vendor card, keeping expenses organised and clearly separate. 

An exclusive Vendor card also puts an end to pesky duplicate subscriptions, saving the business money and ensuring a healthy cash flow. 

What’s more, finance teams can quickly reassign Vendor cards to new owners in the case that someone leaves the company. So there’s no panic when all of the sudden a recurring payment doesn’t go through because a previous employee’s physical card is no longer in use.

 Keeping all your marketing campaigns and activities chugging along nicely.

It’s easy to see why many businesses think of Pleo as their trusty sidekick in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. From boosting your brand on social media or digging into data with tools like Hubspot to helping you keep a sharp eye on your spending.

Pleo's suite of financial management tools are designed to keep your marketing campaigns on track, your funds secure, and your analytics accurate – ensuring your business can not only stay on top of spend but leverage digital marketing to its full, growth-driving potential. 

How’s that for a game changer?

Smarter spending for your business

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