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Who gets it? The best way to hand out Pleo cards in your team

A Pleo card makes life easy.

Well, it makes the “business expenses” part of life easy. We can’t get you served faster at the bar or anything like that.

(Although, pro tip: Waving cash at the staff doesn’t help.)

Pleo ends the pain of chasing receipts and dealing with time-swallowing expense reports.

With Pleo, employees simply make purchases with their prepaid smartcard, snap a picture of their receipt and get back to doing great work.

But for the admins running the Pleo account, there are some things to think about.

Step one is signing up to our service, of course.

But step two is a fun one for the people in charge: deciding who gets a Pleo card.

The boss

If you’re the smart CEO introducing us to your business, you can skip this bit — we reckon you’re excited enough to start using your own Pleo card.

But if it’s the CFO, finance or people team that’s bringing Pleo in, keep reading.

Getting your CEO fully onboard with Pleo is a huge win that trickles down.

With expenses, it’s important that CEOs lead by example.

That’s because Pleo doesn’t just mean spending gets simpler. It also brings with it the intangible benefits of improved company culture.

It sends a clear message to the whole company that there isn’t one expense policy for management and another for staff.

That means more buy-in from workers for company goals and targets.

And if a CEO wants to reap those company culture rewards, it’s important they lead by example.

What better way to show that Pleo is a valuable perk than to see the CEO flashing their own Pleo card?

Maybe on a team dinner or surprise office pizza delivery or some extra… actually, we’ll leave that up to the boss.

The business traveller

Few people know the pain of traditional expenses management more than people who travel a lot for work.

Maybe your business has bases spread across different countries or you pride yourself on sales reps who hit the road to spend quality time with clients.

For those employees, expenses can be a killer if they’re not done the right way.

Some travellers have to collect everything and get it back to head office every month. That can effectively mean a suitcase of receipts being handed over.

Doesn’t your much-valued traveller deserve better than that?

The happier travellers are with a company’s travel expense policy, the more they’ll enjoy the overall business travel experience.

Pleo is a great start to that.

With our cards accepted in more than 30 million locations worldwide, there’s no fear of being caught short while away from home.

And back at headquarters, managers can see purchases made on the road as they happen, with notes added on our app offering clarity.

The office manager

Office managers of the world, we see you. We feel your pain.

Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché to call office managers the “unsung heroes” of business. Too often though, it’s still the truth.

The best reason for giving an office manager a Pleo card is the catch-all nature of their work.

Office upkeep, social events, business subscriptions, a sudden shortage of USB chargers. The purchases of an office manager are rarely predictable.

A Pleo card makes an office manager feel trusted.

There are a million little (and gigantic) things that can fall under their remit and need to be sorted asap for the business to avoid speed bumps.

A Pleo card makes them feel trusted to make those decisions.

And it does it in a way that means the CEO can still see what goes into the administration side of the business.

The freelancer

For some of our customers, getting Pleo cards in the hands of their freelance or short-term contract hires has been a game-changer.

It takes so much of the stress out of handing the company card to somebody you might have just met.

Pleo creates a really positive relationship between a business and its freelancers.

It’s a weight off the freelancer’s mind too, since they’re not spending their own money on a job that might only last a few hours.It keeps all the vital information on what was spent in one place.

No more cold calls from the accounts team to a freelancer they’ve never had any interaction with, chasing details of a transaction.

But best of all, it creates a really positive relationship between the freelancer and your business.

They’re contracted for a limited time (or amount of work) and you’re giving them a tool that makes life so much easier. You’re showing them trust and encouraging them to live up to that with the work they do.

And if you decide to offer them something more long-term? Thanks to Pleo, they already have a positive impression of you.

Team manager

Pleo isn’t just about empowering individual employees, it’s also about helping team leaders to do their best work.

Department-wide spending becomes so much easier with Pleo.

Signing up the whole team for a vital piece of software or a training session is a piece of cake.

It’s one transaction made by the manager, rather than a mess of expense reports and confusion over what the precise budget is.

Department heads can use Pleo to demonstrate to superiors what they’re spending to push the team to the next level, whether that’s work-related or some good ol’ team bonding.

Also, any big purchase that has the team’s stamp on it (maybe the Marketing team is paying for a major ad campaign) can be sorted through the team managers’ Pleo.

That’s boosting ownership of the spend, as well as taking pressure off individual team members’ own spending limits.

And by the way, shout out to those managers who make up the rest of a team bonding bar bill after maxing out the company card. With Pleo, they need not suffer again.

The new hire

“Welcome to the company!”

“Here’s your desk, the toilets are over there.”

“Oh, and here’s a Pleo card. Go use it to get yourself a new laptop and whatever software you need to hit the ground running.”

“And hey, fancy a gigantic coffee to help with your first day? Just Pleo it.”

Now that’s what we call a first-day experience.

Pleo for everyone

By now, you’ve probably figured out that we’re making a simple case.

It might not be subtle, but it is simple: Pleo is for everyone.

In some cases, it removes huge headaches that slow down crucial work.

Employees don’t have to pay out of pocket or file expense reports, so they’re happier. And if they’re happier, they’re more productive.

A Pleo card also means more trust for workers, since you’re making it clear to them that they’re accountable for company purchases. They no longer need to ask permission.

But no matter what the reason to give a Pleo card is, you’re handing over something that will change things for the better.

Nice work!

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