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End manual processes with these finance tools – our new eBook

Businesses have spent the past few decades digitising many of their financial processes. But it didn’t take long to hit a wall in what those early generations of tech could do.

The software helped, of course, but while it was a step up from pen and paper, the reliance on manual data entry was still huge. 

All of the vital numbers and information from invoices, payslips and expenses had to go through a human filter. And the impact of that was predictable – mistakes, delays, dissatisfaction and demotivated leaders. Ouch. 

Transform the way your business manages money

A wave of fintech tools have arrived in the past few years that can truly transform how modern businesses manage their money. From automating bank statements to taking the pain out of purchase orders to automating your accounts payable in a snap. 

We’ve taken the time to look at some of the best of these tools, and listed them here in this eBook, so you can get a jump start on saying goodbye to manual data entry for good. 

Grab your free copy now, your finance team will thank you for it 😃.

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