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Secure onboarding: The step-by-step checklist for getting started with Pleo

Security is at the forefront of everything we do at Pleo. Keeping your money and business safe is not something we take lightly, so you’ll find no corner cutting here. 

That’s why we work with top tier partners including JP Morgan, Danske Bank and Mastercard to handle business’ payments. 

It’s institutions like these that carry out significant due diligence on Pleo and regularly check to make sure we keep customers protected, no matter what. 

And this level of security meets every step of our customers’ journeys at Pleo, right from the first second a business inquires  about signing up to our spend solution. So, let’s dig in and dive deeper into what’s required to get started with Pleo, to help your business spend safely.

The onboarding process with Pleo

So, you’re thinking of getting started with Pleo? That’s great news. Here’s everything you’ll need to hand.

  • Head to this link to register your business with Pleo

On this page, we just need to find out a few details about you so we can start your Pleo journey. Just enter your email, first and last name, and mobile number. 

  • Create a 4-digit passcode (and don’t forget it). This will be the number sequence you’ll  need to log in to Pleo once your account has been verified and set up. 
  • We’ll send a verification code to your mobile phone. To verify your phone number attached to your account, just type in the code we sent and be sure not to share this with anyone else. 
  • Find your company on our system and tell us where your company is registered. You can either select one from  the drop-down menu which shows all registered businesses, or you can add your company manually. 
  • If you’re adding your company manually, you need to enter your company name, the country where it’s registered, the registration number, the company address, and the size of the company. 
  • It’s time to verify your company (and this is where you’ll need some documents handy). We’ll ask you where you’ll be using Pleo, what industry you’re in, what you expect to be using Pleo the most for (travel or entertainment, etc), and the average biggest value purchase you expect to have in Pleo. This is all to keep your transactions secure. 
  • Attach and upload your deed of foundation, or minutes from the founding general meeting, or Articles of Association. If you’re a sole trader, this can be a company registration certification or certificate of incorporation. 
  • And you’re done. An analyst at Pleo will then verify your application. This process usually takes 1-2 business days to complete and then we’ll be in touch. In the meantime, you can explore what Pleo has to offer and start customising your setup

Going behind the (security) scenes 

One of the top reasons businesses deter from digitising processes is fear and apprehension about security and privacy when introducing new software to teams. That’s exactly why we implement security measures (and monitor them around the clock) to make sure Pleo is as safe as possible to use. 

So, what security measures do we have in place? 

There are plenty of reasons why we’re Europe’s leading spending solution. But we’re particularly proud of our approach to data compliance and keeping your money safe. 

Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2)

This allows us to feed into our Risk Engine and sets a Strong Customer Authentication to add an extra layer of security on all payments and user authentication.

PCI DSS Certificate

We're certified with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This rigorous benchmark ensures we offer a safe and secure environment to protect your transaction data.

EU Data Privacy & Security Requirements

Pleo is in full compliance with the new regulatory landscape and is committed to helping our customers comply with the GDPR through our robust privacy and security protections.

Financial Services A/S

We are one of the few spending solutions that have our own licensed entity. This means we can enforce our own compliance and fraud regulations.

Security is considered at every step of your Pleo journey, and it’s all to keep your company’s finances safe and in good hands. Using Pleo doesn’t just mean smarter spending for your business, it means safer, too. 

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