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How Baltic Assist cut time spent on manual expenses by up to 80%

Baltic Assist is a rapidly growing BPO company that globally provides virtual accounting and virtual assistant services. With more than 500 clients worldwide, they aim to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective digital services, offering innovative business solutions and building trust amongst their customers, stakeholders, and employees.

The team at Baltic Assist have been using Pleo since 2018. Ever since then, they’ve used Pleo for daily business purchases, and we’ve become their go-to tool when it comes to handling their teams’ reimbursements. 

When there is a solution which saves time and money and creates more order in business - it should be a no-brainer for any organisation

Andžej Rynkevič, CEO, Baltic Assist

For this Pleo Partner Hero case, we talked to Augustas Lebedevas, one of the finance team leads at Baltic Assist, to learn more about the challenges faced by him and how Pleo has helped solve them.

Let's jump in!

What challenges were you dealing with before Pleo?

Before Pleo, reimbursements to employees were complicated. 

The process usually involved a lot of lost receipts and we only had bank confirmations as legal documents confirming the transactions happened. Because of this, we had a loss of VAT in some cases which cost money to the company, without Pleo, more documents would definitely be lost.

Also when we talk about a few hundred transactions, that turns into a pretty big workload to complete manually. Pleo solved this manual work problem with automation and reduced hours of workload for our accountants.

Pleo solved this manual work problem with automation and reduced hours of workload for our accountants.

Because of the time freed up thanks to Pleo, we can make double checks on other important accounting data. In general, it has reduced the manual work required to finish daily bookkeeping so clients are very happy that their costs were reduced and accountants are happy that most of the documents are stored in one place."

What impact has the results from working with us had on your clients?

For us, it’s all about reducing our workload. Today, clients are looking for the most innovative and cost-effective ways of doing accounting and bookkeeping."

Pleo has helped us cut our time spent on daily transactions by 60-80%.

Using Pleo helps us save money as our accountants’ workloads are reduced and we don’t need to search high and low for every document. Having documents attached to each transaction makes life easier.

Quickfire: Which Pleo features do you use the most?

  • Pleo wallet
  • Expense filters by the cardholder
  • Exporting expenses to accounting software

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