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Everyone can use Pleo with Pocket.

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No, no limits: You can now add every employee to Pleo

Not everyone needs a Pleo card.

Ouch – it feels tough to say that. Because while we believe that as many people as possible should have one of our cards, sometimes it’s just not the right fit.

Maybe because some of your people only purchase things once or twice a year.

Or because temporary staff like freelancers or consultants make up a large part of your team?

But even if a card isn’t essential for all of your team, we believe they can still get a lot from the rest of our spend management system.

So, companies can now invite every employee to Pleo.

The difference it makes

Until now, admins could only invite the people who were getting one of our cards to Pleo.

So even if a company had 100 employees – if 10 Pleo cards were issued, only 10 people could track their spending through our software.

The spending of the other 90 was processed outside of Pleo. 

Not a very harmonious way to manage costs and stay on top of bookkeeping. 

In fact, it’s a bit like an orchestra where 10% of the musicians are playing world class instruments and the rest are banging pots and pans together.

But now….

With these changes to how we work, businesses can invite all their employees to Pleo*. In fact, we recommend it.

Admins still decide who gets a card. So if 10 cards feels like the right starting place, that’s great.

When the other 90 need to buy something for work, they pay for it with their personal card and record the details in Pleo.

And if you decide in the future to get more cards, for some or all of those employees – that’s no problem. Simply let us know via the Pleo app and we’ll get it sorted.

*Please note that only companies on Pro or Premium plans can use Pocket without also having a Pleo card.

Why finance teams will like it

If you were running the finances for a company of 100 people, would you rather have a system that showed details for how 10 people were spending money?

Or a system that showed how all 100 people were spending?

Using Pleo, even without a card, is a huge improvement to the visibility you have over costs. There’s no longer a two-track spending system in operation.

Everything will run through us. Every team dinner, every last-minute taxi, every invoice, every subscription.

The finance team logs in once and they can see it all.

Reimbursing employees for purchases is simplified and sped up, with the stress and friction removed from a process that can drag.

Why employees (without a card) will like it

Reimbursements normally take a looooong time and no small amount of chasing.

Not with Pleo.

We firmly believe that if someone uses their own money to buy something for work, they should get that cash back as soon as they need it. Even sooner if possible.

So once a purchase has been approved by an admin – something else made quicker and easier through our software – the reimbursement can be made. It’s pretty much instant and the money goes directly to the user’s personal card.

And if your team enjoy using Pleo and think they’d like a card, they can flag that to an admin using the app.

The admin can decide whether that’s a good idea or not.

(But if you ask us, it’s always a good idea.)

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