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Three Sales leaders at Pleo.

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Every company has people on the frontline. We’re talking Sales. 

Working in sales can vary significantly depending on the company you work for and the product you’re selling. 

You could be working in a brick and mortar store meeting potential customers face-to-face, selling the latest fashion. You could also be selling a service that requires you to travel frequently.

Or maybe you’re selling a spending solution for forward-thinking teams – showing businesses of all shapes and sizes the difference that it can make to their spending and their culture.

With dedicated, autonomous teams for each market (six and counting!), the Pleo Sales department is an exciting organisation to be a part of. But it’s also a great opportunity to accelerate your business career. 

To learn more about this, we chatted with Aiyana Moorhead, Country Manager for Spain, Nicolai Strunge Møller and Stefan Sigl, both Team Leads for Denmark. 

What makes the Sales team at Pleo different from other sales teams?

“We are consultants, not just Sales people”, states Aiyana, “We’re here because we can provide real value to our customers.” 

“We’re essentially the architects of joining what you see and what you’re facing as a problem, and helping you quantify that [when taking a look at the inefficiencies in a company’s financial processes]. And hopefully the solution is Pleo and everything we have to offer.” 

“The way we do sales is a lot more focused on building relationships,” adds Stefan. 

“The Sales team is also super-inclusive”, says Nicolai, “Inclusive when it comes to our colleagues but also to customers that we’re working with. We want to continuously improve our product and vision to best suit these companies.” 

How would you describe the Sales team culture in one word?

“In word one – hungry,” says Aiyana, “Hungry for growth, hungry for more customers, hungry to help each other.”

“Adding to that, I would say our Sales culture isn’t that traditional sales organisation culture – we’re not standing on tables and pumping our chests,” says Aiyana. “We’re all here because we want to have brilliant careers.” 

“It’s not about winning on your own. It’s about winning with your team.”  

And for Stefan, it’s ambitious

“We’re quite adamant about reaching the goals we set for ourselves as individuals but also per market and for the Sales organisation overall. And I think the entire team is really aligned in terms of hitting these goals.” 

“So ambitious in the best way – we’re all striving forward together as a team.” 

What’s a memorable experience you've had as part of this team?

“Starting in a market where you’re not too sure if the solution you’re providing is the right fit, but being able to validate and at the same time see the foundations you’ve invested in, month after month, start to grow,” says Aiyana, reflecting on launching in Spain. “It’s maybe one of the most satisfying things you can do.” 

“I can remember last year, on the same day that I closed one of the biggest accounts for the Danish market at the time, I announced to the team that my girlfriend and I were expecting a little boy,” says Nicolai. 

Opening up in a new market and hitting two amazing milestones in one day? Not bad.

Why should someone join the Sales team?

“You should join if you’re super ambitious and want to develop your career,” says Stefan.  

“That doesn’t necessarily mean the end destination has to be in Sales management, but if you want to open yourself up and learn all the competencies that you need to be successful in sales then Pleo is the right place.” 

And finally, how is it to sell Pleo?

“I love selling Pleo! The product is a great market fit but it’s also pushing boundaries when it comes to the way people are looking at their employees and processes,” says Nicolai. 

Working at Pleo means you're working on something very exciting: the future of work. 

Speaking to, educating and successfully helping customers forward is just one way we’re going to reach our goal of being the go-to spending solution for teams everywhere. 

We want to revolutionise business spending for companies everywhere – fancy taking on some of our newest markets as a Sales Lead for France or a Senior Account Executive for the Netherlands?

There's something for everyone on our Careers page. Apply for any of our open roles!

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