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A photo captured by drone of 850 Pleo'ers on a beach in Croatia, the 2022 team camp destination

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Pleo Team Camps: the whats, the whys, and the hows

Once you join Pleo, it won't be long before you hear about Team Camp.

People are either still talking about the last one or they're daydreaming about the next; the destination, the people they're going to connect with, the things they want to learn, and so much more.

Our co-founder Nicco has referred to Team Camp as a "logistical nightmare" (and they can be tough for our People organisers!), but he's also one of their biggest champions.

More companies are truly embracing remote work but if they're anything like us, it won't take long for them to realise that getting together in person still has huge value. And once you grow, the value of Team Camps grows.

Logistical nightmare or not, we think they’re worth it.

What is Team Camp?

Back in the old days, Team Camps were held once a quarter. Maybe it would be an Airbnb in Sweden, a hostel in Berlin, or a trip to see where Nicco grew up in Italy. Now, with nearly 1000 people drawn from over 80 nationalities, living and working across 44 countries, it's an annual event, on a much larger scale.

The logistics were a little more straightforward in the old days, but the intention remains the same; to bring people together.

Team Camp nurtures new and old relationships, enables us to celebrate what we’ve built so far, helps us align on our strategic direction, and gives us the chance to look forward to what’s yet to come.

“It's really great to get everyone together and realign, refresh, see where we're going and get excited about the challenges we're going to tackle. The feeling of motivation and excitement lasts for a long time afterwards."


Team Camp typically involves several sessions. Some are for the whole company, others are smaller breakout sessions. Some are business and strategy-orientated, and others are just for the lols. All of them involve interactivity, exchanging ideas and a lot of “you’re so much taller than I thought you were”.

Of course, for some people, physically getting Team Camp isn't always possible for several reasons. But we’ve got their backs. Sessions can be joined virtually, all the exclusive Pleo Team Camp merch is shipped to their doors, there are local and virtual activities to participate in, and remote campers are encouraged to spend the two days as if they were at Team Camp – not working! 

Simply put, Team Camp is us trying to bring every member of our global team together, one way or another.

Why hold a Team Camp?

We’ve been a hybrid organisation for six years. Although we do offer a great remote setup, we also know that there is nothing better than coming together face-to-face to spend quality time together outside of the office.

“Imagine the feeling of finally seeing a close family member that you've not seen face to face in a long time. Team Camp is a great place to bond and get to know who people are outside work.”


The three main goals for Team Camp are to rebalance, reconnect, and re-energise.


We've been adding to our teams, launching in new markets, and building new features at scale.

It's time to take stock. To look at all our teams' work and reflect. This is where we all see the bigger picture and make sure we're all on the same page, moving towards the same goal.


Community building is a huge part of team camp.

We want to get to know each other properly, as people, not as names on slack or 2D faces on Zoom. Meeting each other in person helps us collaborate and communicate much better year-round. Maybe you had a beer with someone at Team Camp or bonded over a board game; next time you need to reach out with a question on Slack, it's that bit easier.


Get inspired, feel engaged and celebrate each other.

It's a couple of days where no one is on-task but what we get out of it is invaluable. When you talk to people about Team Camp, their eyes light up. The excitement and motivation they leave with are palpable; it's a defining milestone where announcements are made, the direction is set, and the collective Pleo body gets a massive metaphorical serotonin boost that lasts for months.

More than anything, Team Camps are about getting out of the office and forging friendships.

How to make Team Camp accessible for everyone?

The Pleo culture is something we hold very close to our hearts. We know it’s one of the main reasons people want to work here – the people are what make Pleo, and that’s something we want to protect.

“I had my first team camp two weeks into joining Pleo. They knew I did Improv Theatre and asked me for an Improv game they could play. Everyone was so welcoming and excited to get involved and to be part of it. I feel like the things that we sometimes are shy to share with people, and maybe especially co-workers, because you're afraid to be judged or teased, are instead highlighted as charming quirks. My first Team camp really showed me that individuality is an asset that Pleo’ers will treasure. They're why you're special and why you're here.”


With every Bricks cohort that starts comes a new individual, someone we want to make feel as welcome as possible. Now, at almost 1000 Pleo’ers, we’re a diverse mix of neurodiverse, parents, non-drinkers, religions, introverts and extroverts, and people who are unable to travel for physical reasons or for political reasons.

We want to make Team Camp enjoyable and accessible for everyone. This means providing safe spaces, quiet zones, prayer rooms, and an always-on group of dedicated people to help anyone for any reason.

We also make sure that the activities available vary a lot in size, the energy level, whether or not there’s interaction and the physical abilities needed to take part.

In short, there’s something for everyone, no matter who you are.

So there you have it. Pleo Team Camps. They’re key to our success, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

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