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How to win clients in 2023

Without clients, there would be no you. Attracting customers can be tricky at the best of times, and it doesn’t help that accountancy is often seen as being too traditional or behind the times. So how do you challenge the status quo and win the right clients? These are our 6 top tips for bringing in new business to your accountancy firm in 2023. Read ‘em and bookkeep (sorry…)

1. Create a creds deck

Otherwise known as a credentials deck, bringing your company portfolio with you to client meetings is key to winning them over. Turning up to a meeting without one is like a plumber showing up to fix your boiler without any tools. 

Your deck doesn’t have to be overly complicated or designed by an expensive agency. It should introduce the supporting Cloud team they could be working with, as well as your pricing packages and services (is it just bookkeeping you do, or HMRC and an outsourced offering too?) You could also include some happy customer testimonials to wow them from the start. 

More importantly, it should explain your app stack (see 2: a solid creds deck could mean the difference between winning a client or them choosing an alternative). Be bulletproof on your offering so that you can put your best foot forward.

2. Show off your tech partnerships

It’s also a good idea to include whether you have any credible app partnerships with software solutions like Pleo, for example. 57% of organisations use partnerships to gain new customers, and why not? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Leverage these partnerships and show business leaders  that there’s a better, more automated way to handle their expenses, cash flow and finances. 

We’d suggest creating a landing page complete with your exclusive app discounts, or cobranded marketing material to show your combined expertise (we have plenty here, just ask). Clients will value this more than you know – we often have Partners emailing us saying they’ve won business thanks to name-dropping Pleo 💪Nothing makes us happier!

3. Spice up your social media

Think it’s just for teenagers and D2C brands? Think again. You need to be all over social media if you’re looking to bring in new business.

The more active you are on social media, the more likely you’re putting yourself (and your firm) on potential clients’ radars. Find out which platforms your target market uses – are they keeping it business-only on LinkedIn or do they prefer the more visually-pleasing TikTok and Instagram? Once you know this, you can start to learn what content resonates with them. If you have the resources, try to take a multi-channel approach to expand your reach as much as possible.

80% of business executives think it’s very important to invest extra resources in social media marketing. Are you one of them?

It’s up to you whether you create content in-house or use a freelancer. Repurposing blogs is a simple but effective way to keep your content calendar full, and reposting your connections’ content will help to keep you front of mind. 

Gravitate Digital, one of our Partners here at Pleo, outsources all-things-social to Little Mesters (who, coincidentally, are also happy Pleo customers). They whip up some pretty eye-catching creative campaigns for the firm, and who are we to argue with an agency that calls themselves the “social media storytellers”? If you’re looking for inspiration, check out their Pleo Tiktok.

4. Get networking

Networking with like minded businesses is a great way to make connections who, you never know, could turn into clients. In fact, you’re 24% more likely to acquire new customers in-person than online. Do a quick Google or Eventbrite search for upcoming events in your sector and keep an eye out on LinkedIn. Be sure to check the list of speakers and sponsors before you click ‘Going’ – it’s not just attendees who could make for valuable prospects.

These events are also an opportunity to scout out other firms who you could partner with and tap into their client base. For example, accountancy firms and law firms often have a similar roster of clients using their relative services. If you’re an accountant in the media world, see which law firms are attending which events and try to strike up a conversation.

While the networking sessions might be your main focus, don’t forget to attend any relevant talks and panels as well. Who knows what insights and inspiration they might provide for your content marketing efforts?

5. Ask for referrals 

A happy customer can be your best salesperson. You’re more likely to go to a restaurant that your friend raves about than one with 3 stars on Google, right? With accountancy largely revolving around relationship building and people management, word of mouth can be an effective way of attracting new business.

Referral marketing is powerful, with 71% of B2Bs reporting higher conversion rates from referrals than other customers.

Try asking your existing clients (start with the ones you have the closest relationship with) for a recommendation. You could offer a financial incentive if you’re in a position to do so. For example, offer a £50 Amazon voucher for each business they successfully refer to you.

If a client isn’t happy to give a referral, ask them why! You don’t need to be defensive or pushy, but this knowledge could help you to improve your service and might make the client more likely to recommend you in the future.

6. Give your website a makeover

Think of your website as your virtual shop window. It’s the first impression businesses will have of you online, and you have just 7 seconds to make an impact. So when they’re trying to find out what exactly you do, how you can help and how much you charge, make it easy for them! No one has time to go digging around in the footer for important information, and no one wants to read a blog that was last updated in 2015.

Try to squeeze some customer testimonials onto your homepage, so visitors know from the get-go how highly regarded you are. Won any awards? Stick those on here too. Once you’ve given people a reason to get in touch, make sure your contact details are visible and easy to find. And don’t forget to keep your blog refreshed with useful articles – content is king, remember 👑

Keen to find out how partnering with Pleo can help you win business in 2023? Speak to our Partnerships team today. 

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