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Franziska, Marketing Manager in Berlin for Pleo

Career @ Pleo

Meet our Berlin Team: Franziska Engel-Ulrich

Meet the people working at Pleo

Here at Pleo, we take pride in our unique hiring process, in the team we built, and the people we're working with. If it wasn’t for each and every one of them, Pleo wouldn’t be the same. Their stories and visions say a lot about what makes Pleo such a special place and such a great company to work for.

It’s about time to put at least some of them in the spotlight, so they can tell you in their own words what working at Pleo is all about.

Meet our German team 🇩🇪

Our Berlin gang is truly one of a kind. They're ambitious and never miss out on a chance to have some fun – or dance. We’ve seen some pretty special moves in the office.

Overall, they're a pretty relaxed bunch of people – as you can tell from their choice of shoes in the picture above. Birkenstocks seem quite fitting for the Berlin office, wouldn't you say?

A couple of days ago, we introduced you to Antonia, one of our Sales and Business Development interns. If you missed it, have a look here.

This time around, we are meeting lovely Franziska, who spreads the word about Pleo loud and wide across all relevant marketing channels in Germany.

Here we go …

Let’s meet Franziska, Marketing Manager Pleo Germany

Franzi, what do you do at Pleo?

I am the Marketing Manager for the German market.

What were you doing before?

I have worked for several start-ups and supported them with their go-to-market. I also have a passion for outdoor advertising and created a start-up program called Nurture for the German subsidiary of JCDecaux.

Why did you join Pleo?

I joined for several reasons.To start, I immediately understood the pain the product is solving and had no doubt in the success of the company. Secondly, and even more important, the people I talked to during my interview process made me want to join. Everyone was highly energetic and motivated. This was just a team I wanted to work with. I was proven right!

What’s surprised you most about working here?

I was most surprised by how welcoming the team was and how everything I experienced in my interview process came to be true – a truly motivated and simply great team. 

What excites you about the road ahead with Pleo?

Our challenge is exciting, and our team is ready to tackle everything that will come our way!

Want to learn more about our Berlin office and the Pleo team driving forward-think initiatives in Germany? Keep an eye on our Berlin team here on the blog.

Want to know more about Franziska? Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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