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Considering that 93% of people’s buying decisions are impacted by online reviews, it’s clear that before making a purchase, consumers are doing their research (as they should). 

But online reviews are also great for the business offering that product or service, as it provides insight into why people turn to you in the first place, and what they love about your product.

But also, and arguably most importantly, which areas could use some improvement. So, where do we turn when it comes to customer feedback? 

G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace for reliable peer reviews, is where we source a huge chunk of our customer feedback and is often our go-to when looking towards research and development. Pleo holds 4.7 stars on G2 (and we’re working hard to earn that final .3!) with nearly 1,000 reviews.  

Next there’s Trustpilot. Much like G2, it’s an online review community for customers to give genuine feedback about their experiences with products and services. Whereas G2’s main focus is software, Trustpilot is more of a general connection between businesses and consumers with a vast array of categories to explore. 

We’ve read, we’ve listened, we’ve implemented. Now we’d like to showcase some of our loyal customer’s opinions.

Let’s dive in!

Making life easier for the admin

Since admins spend the most time in the backend, easing the manual load will continue to be Pleo’s main priority as a business spending solution.

Empowering employees to upload their own receipts in real-time cuts out the month-end receipt chase for the finance team. Not to mention the added bonus of automated receipt capture for online spend which means no expense goes unnoticed, and no time is wasted looking for the spender. 

No matter how you’re paying, whether by physical or virtual card, petty cash or out-of-pocket, you can manage all your business spend through Pleo. Centralising all expenses in one place means no more lost purchases, and no unbalanced reports at the end of the day. 

Pleo’s user-friendliness is a hot topic

When an employee needs to spend on behalf of the business, it just makes sense to make the process as simple as possible for them. As the majority of spenders in a company aren’t part of the finance team, they’re probably not fully versed in financial lingo. And remembering to file expenses simply isn’t top of mind for them. 

That’s why putting a focus on the end-user experience is another priority for us, because it makes life easier for the finance team in the end too. 

Just under 23% of our nearly 1,000 G2 reviews mentioned user-friendliness as our solution’s biggest benefit. 

But both our Trustpilot and G2 reviewers put Pleo’s usability on top. 

There are a myriad of advantages to digitising expenses for the finance team - less manual admin, saving time at month-end, getting rid of Excel spreadsheets…The list goes on. 

But one bonus that can be easily overlooked is the positive effect it can have on employees, or anyone spending for that matter. Having employees spend their own money on business expenses can damage your business in more ways than one, and can cause unnecessary stress when people are left out-of-pocket at month-end. 

No one wants to chase people for receipts on personal expenses, and no one wants to be left waiting for reimbursements for weeks (or even months). Giving your employees the opportunity to take charge of their own expenses with access to company cards can incentivise them to not only spend more responsibly, but also to spend less.

Happier employees means a happier business, and mutual trust is much easier to build than you might think.

So it’s easy to use when you’re fully settled in, but what about getting set up?

Getting set up on a new platform can sometimes be a nightmare. Internal processes, admin set-up, onboarding your people, and a general cultural shift in the ways of working can be a huge turn-off for some finance teams who’d rather just stick with what they know. 

At Pleo, we want to make this transition from manual to digital, or from an old to a new tool, as painless as possible so you’re set up for success from day one. Seeing the onboarding process highlighted in a lot of user reviews lets us know that customers appreciate this support.

User-friendliness makes everything easier, but saving time is the ultimate goal

Many finance teams still use Excel spreadsheets to track business spend, which as we all know, is not the most efficient use of company time. 

Being able to manage everything under one umbrella reduces time spent chasing people for receipts and juggling multiple tasks across different softwares. 

Close your eyes and picture a world without piles of receipts, paper expense reports, and the dreaded Excel spreadsheet... It doesn’t have to just exist in your imagination.

Consolidating your expense process opens up your finance team for the more important stuff, not to mention improving trust organisation-wide. 

And Pleo’s time saving doesn’t end with receipts

Whilst you may have multiple technologies on the go already, implementing a spending solution may seem like just one more to add to the pile. But getting rid of those pesky paper receipts and long-winded expense reports is worth it. Trust us!

Implementing a solution that not only cuts out manual reporting, but also integrates with your accounting software, creates a seamless alternative to old-fashioned expense management that your finance team will thank you for. 

Big kudos to our Customer Success and Support teams 

We’re no strangers to the fact that errors can occur, whether human or machine. 

 And ensuring customers are well covered in the face of potential bumps in the road is key. 

Each new Pleo-er is fully kitted out with their very own account manager to ensure they know the ins and outs of our various packages, features and prices. 

Once they’re fully onboarded, someone from our dedicated Customer Success team gets assigned to each individual account, so you have constant access to help when you need it. 

 Please, send us all your burning questions! That’s what we’re here for. 

Listening to customer’s feedback is the best way to develop any product 

Your feedback is not only important, it’s crucial to our overall success. Our customers' advice, feedback and suggestions allow us to continuously improve and put you, the user, in first place. 

So thank you! 

Are you a Pleo customer and want to share your experience? Or just intrigued and want to learn more, or maybe compare your current set-up to Pleo’s features? Whether you’re currently looking for a spend management solution or want to let us know how we’re doing if you’re already a Pleo user, head over to G2 or Trustpilot – we’d love to hear from you.

Or, if you just want to learn more about Pleo explore our different features to see if we’d be a good fit. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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