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At Pleo, we’re always working on new ways to simplify business spending. 

With our Mileage feature, you can track what’s owed to the people on your team who are out on the road.

Simply tell the Pleo app where a journey started and ended. We'll automatically calculate the distance and show the amount that’s owed.

No more reading the odometer. No more trying to do the sums on a calculator. On top of that, your finance team can account for travel costs in a way that’s so much more accurate.

Going the extra mile just got a whole lot easier.

How it works

Log your trips using the + button on the Expense page.

(You’ll find that your company’s registered location will pop up as a suggested address. Handy, right?)

The travel date, distance and rate can be edited if needed.

One rate will be displayed for everyone at your company, but it can be edited per expense.

Once you plug in the details, a receipt will be created in Pleo. On there you’ll see the date, start / end address, distance, vehicle type, rate and amount. The merchant name on the expense will be 'Mileage'.

The Pocket balance will update once a mileage expense is added. Employees will receive a notification once they have been reimbursed by an Admin.

As an admin, you can download an overview of all mileage expenses with fields shown in the table. This could help you with your yearly reporting.

Learn more about how Mileage works here.

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Svetlana Yershov

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