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The people have spoken: 99% of users feel secure paying with Pleo

We recently launched Pleo Insights, a team that regularly checks in with our users to come up with even more ways to make Pleo the best spending solution for your company. Last month, we spoke to 494 Pleo admins to find out how Pleo transforms businesses.

In our latest report, we asked our users what they think of Pleo’s payment experience, especially when it comes to feeling secure when paying for things. 

This report is based on the results of a recent survey conducted by Pleo with a total of 331 respondents (230 admins and 101 end users) who use our product, spread across Germany, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Spain and Ireland.

99% of Pleo users feel secure paying with Pleo

We can’t deny it, this was pretty great to hear. It goes without saying — nothing is more important to us than keeping your company money safe at Pleo, and knowing you trust us with this job too. 

Pleo gives you a whole new level of control over company spending. By providing a real-time overview of where your money is going, you can rest easy knowing every purchase is being accounted for. If something doesn’t look right, you can freeze or disable a card with the tap of a button. 

We partner with top-tier institutions like JP Morgan, Danske Bank and Mastercard. While security is our top priority, our partners also ensure we live up to the high standards we set ourselves with regular checks. 

For an extra layer of protection, Pleo Assurance means managers are alerted when a questionable expense is made – and letting them decide if it’s okay or not. This way, we’ve got you covered while keeping you in control. 

Staying even more secure with Pleo 

While 99% is a strong number, we’re not stopping there. Our latest security update is just one example of how we’re making Pleo even more secure. 

We’re moving away from passwords. Thanks to the application of the new EU regulations regarding Payment services (PSD2), you no longer need to remember your password to access your Pleo account. Instead, you’ll be able to login to your Pleo account via a magic code sent directly to your email. Easy!

This way, you’re at way less risk of fraud when it comes to paying for things electronically, as well as having an extra layer of protection when it comes to handling your data. 

Fun fact, did you know the password “123456” is still used by 23 million account holders?

90% of users are satisfied or very satisfied using Pleo to pay for expenses

As you’ve probably noticed, we want to transform the way you handle expenses and pay for things at work. While having 90% of users feeling satisfied with using Pleo is great, we wanted to know how Pleo can go that extra mile.

We asked what kind of business expenses users would like to use Pleo for. We found that 1 out of 3 admins would use their Pleo to pay for office utilities. And 49% of admins said they’d like to use Pleo to pay for all of their bills and invoices.

It’s been on our minds for a while, so this year, we’ll be releasing a new feature to help you manage all your bills and invoices. With Pleo Invoices, you can see each one in a centralised overview. This doesn’t just save you time, but it also reduces the risk of overdue bills while giving you a better idea of spending forecast. 

We’ll roll it out first in the UK  — but before long, all of our markets will be able to sort their invoices through Pleo.

47% of users say they use the Pleo virtual card often

While it’s exciting to see so many of our users getting the most out of Pleo, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’re happy to admit that we wish this statistic was higher.

Unlike Pleo’s plastic cards, the virtual cards are only accessible electronically, making them a great spending solution to finally getting on top of all your online purchases and recurring online subscriptions. In fact, our 2020 Annual Report, we found that virtual card usage grew 61% year-on-year as online purchasing soared.

They also come in incredibly handy for teams that rely on freelancers, who don’t necessarily need a plastic card, and aren’t part of a full-time team. 

Also, because they’re ready to use right after signing up, this means they can be used for one-off online purchases — whether that’s software or office equipment. 

And virtual cards aren’t just efficient either, they make online shopping even more secure and can be frozen at any time, meaning you’re reducing the risk of fraud. 

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