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Wow! Pleo is the Danish Startup Of The Year

Everyone likes to end the week with something special.

Maybe it’s a cocktail with friends, or some family time. Or in our case, being named Danish Start-Up of the Year.

After another busy week at Pleo, we were so honoured to find out we had won the prize on Friday. In fact, we’ve had a weekend to get used to it and are still walking around with gigantic smiles on our faces.

We owe big thanks to the Nordic Startup Awards for putting those smiles there, but also to everyone who took the time to back us in the public vote.

As the awards bosses say themselves, the prizes aren’t a popularity contest – but every vote from you showed the impact Pleo is having.

So thank you for voting, you rock.

A special shoutout too to our fellow Danish category winners, from Brickshare to Tiimo. Great work!

… but, well, we’re not done there.

On to the Nordic Startup Awards!

The Nordic Startup Awards are part of the Global Startup Awards, which recognise and celebrate the tech companies that are making a real impact across the world.

This year’s grand final takes place in China next month.

We would love to be there, but there’s one last (pretty big) step to take.

As Danish winners, we qualify for the regional Startup of the Year prize. Win the Nordic Startup of the Year and we progress to the global ceremony.

The competition is tough. We’re full of admiration for the likes of Norway’s Spacemaker or Finland’s

But we have a secret weapon.


Public voting is open now at the link below and it only takes a few seconds to vote for us and keep those smiles on our faces.

The Nordic ceremony takes place at the Østergasvaerk Teater on the 5th December and is going to be a great showcase for the region’s most innovative companies and founders.

We’re honoured to be amongst them.

Vote for Pleo to be named Nordic Startup of the Year here.

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