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    How 6point6 is leading by example with Pleo

    6point6 is a consultancy firm located in London that specializes in helping clients adapt to and embrace the rapid technological changes happening in our world. They send out small teams to their clients who work with them on a personal level to see how they can improve their current practices through the adoption of modern


    Future of Work

    How to: Actually get hired remotely

    It’s the holy grail of hiring right now. Digital nomads, working from wherever and having all the flexibility that goes along with it sounds nifty, new, and attractive. Companies have caught on, and have realised that suddenly you can hire from the world – and not just from the talent pool where you’re HQ’d.

    Customer Stories

    How Techspace digitised their accounting process with Pleo

    Techspace is a London-based company that helps fast-growing companies adapt to the rapid changes that come with growth. They offer workspaces to scale-ups in locations that make sense for each company they work with and offer support, guidance, and resources to help ensure their clients’ success.

    Travel & Expenses

    An inside look: How Pleo makes your bookkeeping easier

    Pleo is not just another company card. Paired with the smart technology behind it, Pleo makes the whole process of company spending a lot easier for the whole company. Employees are often the ones extremely delighted by the fact of not doing expense reports anymore. However, it’s our major focus to make sure the product not