Thank you for a great 2016! Here’s to an even more exciting 2017


It’s been quite the eventful year for us here at Pleo. And we hope those of you who have joined us in our Beta have enjoyed your journey with us thus far. We’ve definitely enjoyed having you onboard!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank those of you who signed up for Pleo during this past year, but also to give everyone a little insight into what we have achieved over the past year and where we are in our quest to create a simple spending solution for employees and businesses alike.

In April 2016, Pleo was shortlisted as the only Nordic startup, among hundreds of applicants, to go on stage and showcase to an audience of industry experts at Money20/20.

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Five reasons why your boss should give you a company payment card



From time to time, we at Pleo speak to CFO’s and company managers who tell us that they prefer employees to pay out-of-pocket for work related expenses and later be reimbursed, rather than handing out company payment cards. The reasoning behind this is varied, but often includes one of these sentences:

“paying out-of-pocket makes employees remember the receipts”

“it prevents overspending and misuse”

“it’s just always been company policy”

However, we are confident – and perhaps slightly biased 😉 – that the Pleo business spending solution is something that will not only make life easier for employees, CFO’s and managers alike, but also allow everyone to stay on top of company spending. Much have changed in the past decade. Continue Reading

So you say you’re in Beta…


As you probably know by now, Pleo is currently in Beta. But we thought you might be wondering what that exactly means and how it may affect your experience with Pleo.

Long story short, the term Beta refers to a product’s stage of development. So being in Beta simply means that some features of the product are currently still in testing mode, and may cause some issues for the user.

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Dear banks, the Fintech crisis is coming! Here are four strategies that might save you


Since 2008, the number of Danish banking institutions has dwindled from 140 to 76. Some have gone out of business while others have been bought up. But before banks have had a chance to wipe the sweat from their brows, the next challenge is already evident.  A challenge where the enemies are small in size but large in numbers, and increasing daily.

Dear Banks, meet Fintech, your biggest threat this century. You may not yet see it coming but you should still respond. You might yet have a chance.

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