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How Pleo helps Knodd manage and optimise marketing spend

Knodd is on a mission to build the child and family care of the future. 

Founded in 2018, Knodd is a digital childcare platform, which provides a space for parents to get in touch with pediatric specialists via video consultations through the business’s app. In the app, parents also have access to educational material and courses to further their knowledge of caring for a child. 

But when building for the future, you can imagine that some things don’t run business as usual or by the status quo. And this is the case in the way Victor Egnell, Growth and Marketing Manager runs Knodd’s marketing activities.

What sort of marketing activities are you in charge of at Knodd? 

As the Growth & Marketing Manager of a small team, I’m responsible for both strategic and operational work of marketing activities, says Victor. We run marketing campaigns for both our digital healthcare platform, in addition to our physical healthcare centre in Malmö, Sweden. 

In terms of the different activities and channels we run marketing campaigns on, it’s been quite a wide range – from performance marketing to ads on television to print to events. 

Nowadays, we’re focusing most of our efforts on performance marketing on Google and Meta.

Before you started using Pleo, how did you manage your marketing spend?

As the overall business goal shifted from hypergrowth to profitability, the marketing budget needed a closer eye on it. Not only to have better control over the costs but also to receive insights into what activities bring the highest ROI. 

It was difficult to manage and keep track of marketing spend across channels since we didn’t have a proper system in place and we were using a regular credit card – with lots of receipts going back and forth along with questions. And this of course left very little time for me to focus on strategy work.

How does Pleo help you manage marketing spend in a way that supports the business model? 

Since we started using Pleo in 2021, we’ve spent over $300,000 through the platform on marketing.

With such a large amount being spent on performance marketing efforts, it’s been quite helpful to have Pleo to track expenses and budget, so we don’t spend more than we should.

The reason Pleo is so great for us is because Knodd is a supply-demand platform  – the supply being pediatric staff and the demand being patients. 

On almost an hourly basis this means we might need to pause or add more budget to campaigns depending on how long or short the queue is for the platform.  

So you can see that we need to be quite flexible in our marketing activities and as a result, with our marketing spend as well.

And Pleo is the perfect tool to support this high flexibility. And to give us a real-time overview of budgets and easily add more to a budget when needed.

Any favourite features? 

Fetch saves me a lot of time when it comes to receipt admin, I’d estimate that that I save one to two hours a week when it comes to the receipt admin of marketing activities and recurring expenses. It’s such a smart and simple feature. 

When paying for the marketing activities, I use Pleo’s virtual cards – it’s nice to have everything digitised. It makes paying for things online convenient.

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