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The Pleo Digest – Oktober 2019

As we’re officially saying goodbye to summer, we reflect on the recent updates, where the product is headed and what you can expect from us in October — apart from some very last minute Halloween costumes. From strengthening and expanding our accounting integrations, to doubling down on events and opening new offices, here’s your October digest.

Product Updates

Things have been heating up in our product team over the last few months and it has resulted in a bunch of really cool and useful features being shipped. Here’s a rundown of what we built in September and where the product’s heading in the next few months.

Stronger integrations

First, we’ve shipped our Fortnox integration to simplify the lives of admins and bookkeepers in Sweden.

Fortnox is the most popular accounting software in the country, used by some 240,000 companies.

By enabling this integration, our Swedish customers will benefit from faster data exports to Fortnox and a much simpler workflow.

This new update also comes with a much-awaited feature: Reverse VAT. Read all about it here.

Second, we’re taking a step up with our Xero integration by building the Xero Direct Feed.

Currently in development, the Direct Feed is expected to be shipped in October.

Once enabled, this new integration will automatically sync your Pleo transactions twice daily to your Xero organisation, allowing admins and bookkeeper to have more of a real-time overview.

As phase one, the integration will only automatically import the transaction amount, the merchant name and the settlement date.

Faster transfers with auto top-up

For our customers in Denmark using auto top-up, we’ve made some important changes that are sure to delight you. Honestly, it’s that good!

After months of hard work, we’re proud to announce that automatic top-ups will appear in your wallet on the same day – so long as they’re initiated before 11:55, or the following day if initiated after 11:55.

Moreover, the 25,000 DKK top-up limit is lifted and you can now set your auto transfer amount to whatever you want.

This feature is currently only available for Danish companies, but we’re working hard to make it available for all markets. Stay tuned!

PSD2 compliance

PSD2 is a Directive by the European Central Bank aiming to bring into force stricter rules to protect user data and funds, as well as introduce universal security and authentication standards across Europe.

We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure we are compliant with the legislation ahead of the forthcoming deadline (set to 14 March, 2021 for Danish companies by the Danish FSA).

Here’s what users can expect going forward:

👉 An increase in verification for online payments, on the end of both Pleo and online merchants.

👉 Safer contactless payments, as no more than five contactless transactions in a row or €150 worth of contactless transactions will be allowed without a PIN. Once a transaction with the PIN is made, the contactless transaction security resets.

👉 In the next few weeks, we will introduce a push notification to notify you when you are close to reaching the above thresholds, and one to let you know you’ve reached either one of them.

Company updates

Hej hej Stockholm! 🇸🇪

After months of having our product open for companies in Sweden, September was finally the month we hit a home-run in Sweden. First, with our Fortnox integration, and second with our newly-opened Stockholm office.

Located in the bustling district of Norrmalm, our new home in Stockholm is rapidly being filled with talented people wanting to make Pleo the go-to spend management platform in Sweden. If you’re ever in the area, come say hi!

Berlin: see you in November 🇩🇪

Similar to Sweden, after months of on-boarding German customers, it was time to have a home on the ground there. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we will be officially opening our office in Berlin on November 1st.

We’re looking forward to being much closer to our German customers and are confident that this will help us build the best possible product for this market.

Oh, and we’ll also be scaling our team with local hires in sales, customer success, support, marketing and compliance (and more). Interested in joining us? Let’s talk.

Events and community

As the company grows, so do our efforts to be more present where our customers, community and partners are.

Last month, some of our team spoke on the main stages at Tech BBQ and Techfestival in Copenhagen, and we also attended Accountex North in Manchester, Ekonomi & Företag in Stockholm and Bits & Pretzels in Munich. Yeah, it was a busy one.

Here’s where we’ll be in October:

👉  How to build a successful startup, 2 October at our HQ in Copenhagen

👉  E-conomic roadshow on October 22, 23, 29 and 30

Our November events calendar is already starting to fill up so make sure you check out next month’s digest to find out where we’ll be!

Our hero of the month

Every month, we shine the spotlight on one of our outstanding customers. This month, we’re introducing you to Nina Rösler, finance manager at Candis.

Read all about her love for start-up life, the growth she expects for Candis in the months ahead and her company’s “a-ha” moment with Pleo (it involved someone shouting across the office… ).

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