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The Pleo Digest – September 2019

Despite it being the last few days of summer (… we’re not giving up just yet), we’ve been busy at Pleo. It’s been fun too, with our biggest ever group of new starters joining and a two-day team camp. On the product side, we’ve also pushed several key features that have been eagerly anticipated. Here’s a recap of what’s happened with the Pleo software you use and the team that makes it.

A new wallet top-up experience

The way companies top up their wallet has been redesigned and improved to help you transfer money faster and easier. For starters, the one-time reference code is a thing of the past: as of earlier this month, admins have fixed transfer details. So your transfer details will never change, and can just be saved in your online bank for quicker top-ups.

We’ve also changed how wallet top-ups work in the backend, which makes the actual transfer of money from your bank to your Pleo account much faster.

In essence, with our old system, funds were funnelled through an intermediary partner, sometimes causing delays and pains.

With our new set-up, you can send money to Pleo directly and we will load the funds as soon as we receive them from your bank.

Finally, the top-up page has been redesigned to give admins more clarity over their cashflow in Pleo. They can also set up low balance alerts and view their top-up history in one click.

Manage expense view updates

The manage expense view is the central place from which admins and bookkeepers make expenses ready for export. Now, it’s also a place where you can do even more with Pleo. We’ve introduced two new features that help admins and bookkeepers save time and get more context on their colleagues’ expenses.

Note filter

A small but useful feature we’ve recently shipped is the “note” filter. As we expand into more markets and our customers’ needs evolve, it only made sense to provide enhanced filtering options.

Maybe your company requires a note on every expense, or maybe employees have to provide a note on expenses that belong to the “Food & Drinks” category. No matter the case, this new feature helps to break down expenses and provide admins and bookkeepers more context straight from the manage expense view, by seeing which expenses have a note or those that are missing one.

Ask for additional context straight from the manage expense view

As mentioned above, more and more admins do their Pleo tasks in the manage expense view to make sure expenses are ready to export. In order to help them save time, we made it possible to review expenses and ask for additional context without having to go back to the expense feed.

Bookkeepers are now also able to mark expenses as “Okay” or “Not okay”, and ask for additional context straight from the manage expense view.

Finally, this feature comes with the possibility of filtering expenses by review status, increasing yet again the extent to which expenses in the Manage Expense view can be filtered and sorted.

Every company can now invite a bookkeeper

Granting bookkeeper access to Pleo has been a feature used by many companies for a while now. It allows companies to invite an external bookkeeper (for free) to their Pleo account in order to manage expenses and exports, handle the accounting integration, and so on. The only problem, however, was that we restricted access to this feature, meaning that companies wanting to use it had to request access.

… Not anymore. We’re happy to finally make this feature accessible to every company using Pleo, by default. Follow the instructions outlined here to invite your external bookkeeper. Welcome to an even smoother and simpler Pleo!

Pleo hero of the month

This month’s Pleo hero is Adam Castleton, CEO at Startle. The company, which “provides innovative music and technology services to businesses that make their venues stand out and leave a lasting impression” is a long-time Pleo customer. In fact, they were one of of very first customers in the UK.

From their strong remote-first culture, to their ambitious US expansion plans and unique company culture (powered in part by, you may have guessed it, Pleo!), Startle is a truly fascinating company. Check out this piece for a glimpse into the world of Adam and Startle, as they tackle the music business head-on.

We’re heading to Techfestival!

We couldn’t be more excited to say that we’re heading to Techfestival 2019. The event, which will be celebrating its three-year anniversary this year, has already become one of the Nordics’ top technology gatherings. Taking place in and around Copenhagen’s vibrant Meatpacking District, this year’s edition will focus on technology’s impact on how we work, learn and play.

Aside from having having many Pleo’ers in attendance, we’re proud to also take part in the programme. Our very own Head of People, Jessie Scheepers, will be involved in a roundtable chat on Friday, discussing a topic very close to our hearts: the future of work.

Want to join us? Good news – we’re giving away free tickets! For a chance to get your hands on one, simply fill out this form and sign up for our newsletter.

We hope to see many of you there!

Still haven’t tried Pleo?

If you’re reading this and thinking “I also want in on all that expense automation and simplification!”, don’t fret. You can always sign up for a free trial or book a demo with one of our account managers here.

For all of you already using Pleo, thanks for the support! We’ll see you next month for another edition of The Pleo Digest.

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