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Scaling made simple: it starts with Pleo

We designed Pleo for companies of all shapes and sizes. We know that some businesses have more complex structures than others, with offices overseas or even different brands within an organisation.

Not to mention that multiple entities often come with different financial structures, VAT requirements and year-end calendars. All of these factors can make managing spend tricky, especially if you’re relying on a spreadsheet.

Pleo was founded in Denmark, but we’re now live in 16 markets with over 900 employees. So we’ve experienced the financial challenges of scaling first-hand – it’s no picnic! Change can be divisive, even scary at times.

All change 🔀

Once upon a time, finance teams and CFOs were making decisions that affected 20 employees in your HQ. Now, you’re impacting hundreds of people across Europe. You’re treading the line between gaining credibility and losing flexibility (never an easy balance to strike). Processes that once worked seamlessly suddenly don’t seem to scale. Achieving product market fit in new markets can be a nightmare. Standardising culture across locations and making decisions to hire remotely bring their own difficulties. 

For some businesses, the focus now will be on pivoting from ‘ready set grow’ to maintaining financial stability. With 80% of firms anticipating cost pressures in 2023, it’s no wonder priorities are being revised. This shift in growth mindset amidst an impending recession is leading more companies to recognise the need to use tech to control spend and create agile team structures to increase efficiency.

Pleo already provides CFOs with the tools to become co-pilot to their CEOs, helping to steer the business towards financial success. But with the state of the economy changing at breakneck speed right now, we need to do more. 

That’s why we’ve launched our multi-entity management solution. It enables finance teams to view, control and manage more than one entity through a single account. This helps them save valuable time and avoid costly errors during setup, onboarding new team members, reviewing expenses, bookkeeping and reconciliation. 

It’s the cherry on top of what we already offer (direct accounting system integrations, cashback, adjustable spending limits controlled by the finance team and easy reimbursements, to name a few), making Pleo the perfect partner for scaling companies.

All of your global business spend in one place

Pleo gives finance teams full visibility and control over company spend with one connected tool – no matter how many locations you operate in. We make it easy to scale, whether you’re focused on sustainably growing your revenue and profit or expanding to new geographies. 

  • Control your finances, not your teams. Pleo offers one easy-to-use spend management solution across entities.
  • Reporting shouldn’t take forever. Remove the frustration of end-of-month reporting by extracting accurate data in minutes.
  • Make smarter spending decisions. The combination of real-time data and a fully connected tech stack means you’ll be making faster, more accurate decisions in no time.
  • Save time and streamline. Automate tedious manual admin, reduce human error and simplify the list of processes your finance team manages.
  • Approve every expense in one go. Easily review all your teams’ expenses with multi-entity review flows through one account.
  • One-click employee onboarding. Add new employees to Pleo, avoid costly errors during set-up and form multi-entity teams at the touch of a button.
  • Get new entities up and running. Onboarding all of your entities, both new and old, is easy – just set and forget.

There you have it: everything you need to manage all your entities as one 💥 Perfect for centralised finance teams looking to optimise costs, streamline processes and automate expenses to make life easier for everyone.

Whether you’re dead set on increasing your revenue or expanding at speed, Pleo’s multi-entity management solution takes the growing pains out of growing. Scaling your business has never been simpler.

Keep your business one (big) step ahead

Give your team the tools they need to work and spend smarter – in a way that boosts your bottom line.

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